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Topic: tips for a new Ubuntu/*nix user?

i've got Ubuntu 6.10(current?) sitting on my desk waiting for a donor machine right now. i've tried it out via the live cd and i can't wait. the only thing keeping me from just converting my current machine to it now(yes i know i can dual boot) is this is the family machine and teaching them all to use Ubuntu would prove quite difficult(not very tech savvy they are wink ) anyways.. why didn't i do this earlier? i'm in "love" with it's simplicity, speed(even from the live cd), accessibility, style, feel and most of all it's security. why isn't this a staple for ANY prefab box?

what i would like to know are some of the resources to learn how to use it to it's full potential. it will be MY everyday box for everything from development to browsing. my gaming will have to stay on the windows machine for obvious reasons. is php/mysql/apache installed right off the cd at time of OS installation? what is it's default "notepad" app? can i change it to say notepad2 or ++? also someday soon i'd like to build a box for the families entertainment streaming ala windows media center(music, movies,etc.) so tips on this would be appreciated.

in short i want to know as much as i can before i dive in. thanks in advance for any info.

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Re: tips for a new Ubuntu/*nix user?


Glad to see another person giving Linux a try smile

* To learn Ubuntu, the forums are a great help as is the Wiki, which is full of great information.
* Apache, MySQL and PHP would be installed afterwards, very simple, just pick it from the software list.
* Gedit is a pretty capable editor, it even does syntax highlighting.
* Check out Samba to share out files, that's what I use for my MP3 library.

I would recommend dual booting, Grub works great off the master boot record.

Re: tips for a new Ubuntu/*nix user?

I'm not really an Ubuntu user (I use Gentoo and FreeBSD), but having tried it before, I have to admit it's a nice OS. Like hcgtv already said, the forums and the wiki (and Google) are most likely everything you need to get started and solve any problems you might encounter.

Regarding editors, there are lots of great ones for GNOME and KDE (whichever desktop environment you prefer) and for the console. GNOME (Ubuntu's default desktop environment) comes with Gedit, that is a nice basic text/programming editor. Scribes is pretty nice, and if you're looking for an IDE, check out Anjuta. If you're planning to use your computer remotely via SSH, you'd probably find a console editor like Vim extremely useful. wink

Windows programs wouldn't run on Ubuntu, unless you use something like wine, but there are excellent alternatives. Take a look at Linux alternatives to Windows software.

For media centers, check out MythTV or GeeXboX. (There should be lots of tutorials available online.)

Also if and when you have problems, keep in mind that Linux is not Windows. smile

Re: tips for a new Ubuntu/*nix user?

As far as Google goes, use http://www.google.com/linux for your searching needs.

Re: tips for a new Ubuntu/*nix user?

UbuntuForums are really useful, and its members are very helpful: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/
UbuntuGuide has a very good wiki for Edgy (Codename for 6.10): http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy

Re: tips for a new Ubuntu/*nix user?

thanks guy, this really helps a newb like me.

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