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Topic: Firefox/Netscape custom CSS problems

I have added custom CSS coding to the main.tpl file. This is the exact same coding that the rest of my site uses.

On the rest of the site, it displays properly in IE6, IE7, Firefox, and Netscape. However, in Punbb, it only displays properly in IE6.
If anyone is familiar with this glitch and wants to see exactly what I'm talking about, go to:
claridenfundraisers.com/tcsweb2/forum/gallery.php?cid=1   (add http at the beginning)

and go to claridenfundraisers.com/tcsweb2 to see what the rest of the site template should look like (with the page centered, and borders around the main content.

I am stumped and do not know how to fix the punbb custom template. I'd appreciate any and all help!

Re: Firefox/Netscape custom CSS problems

Just comparing your stylesheets, I noticed you didn't have a <![endif]--> at the end in the PunBB style
Oh, and moved to Integration


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Re: Firefox/Netscape custom CSS problems

Thanks, that took care of one error message.

I think we are getting closer. Thanks for the help.
Now if we can just get the layout fixed...