Re: PhpBB 3 shows its face

Remember. phpBB 3 RC1 hasn't been released.

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Re: PhpBB 3 shows its face

I don't know. They did the hard part, the rest was very simple to do.

But some people find it much more difficult to write valid semantic html than table-bloated tag soup... I still don't understand how that's possible, since valid semantic html is one if the simplest thing to do (incredibly much simpler than CSS, or PHP), but...

Re: PhpBB 3 shows its face

I don't like phpbb anymore. Especially with the new look. On my text only browser it doesn't look even remotely as good as punbb. I love punbb, nice, simple, elegant, works well under everything. ^ ^

Re: PhpBB 3 shows its face

Raybo wrote:

I would never, ever, NEVER go back to phpBB.

I like punBB so much!! smile

I've stated this before, and it bears repeating:  Using phpBB required you to visit their website for a frigging DIB {Daily Intelligence Brief}

... and even then, you could never catch up with number of hackers that had the latest 'patch' already HACKED!!

BooooooHisssssssssssss .....

lol. I agree with you. phpbb is full of security holes.

Much better off going with something like punbb then software thats not as secure.