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I nead a forum portal to punbb no mineportal. I want a portal like tineyportal to smf wink

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hmm...then install tinyportal with SMF.

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You might try Puntal.

This isn't a feature request -- or at least it isn't a feature request with hope -- so I'll be moving this topic to modifications.

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Re: I nead a portal

You could also try ... that'll work and give you a way to add a few things like a column with links. Then install a mod like Custom Pages: ... Or add a Wiki if you like that way for content: ... just depends on what you need so just search for it!

I did that for our church website and it's working well. if you're curious. I'm working on some upgrades and if/when I finish I will try to package up instructions for it, but it starts with the MiniPortal and Custom Content Pages.

[Edit] See my website for what I'm working on but the admin is not yet complete.