Topic: Google Adsense and a private PunBB forum

Google added a new feature to Adsense: bot authentication so that it can crawl private pages/areas of a website.

Any ideas about how to configure it with a (private) PunBB installation?

Here's the screenshot from the configuration page:

I should create a new user but, what should I put in the several fields?

Re: Google Adsense and a private PunBB forum

Lets see
Restricted directory: your forum's directory
Authentication URL: login.php?action=in for your forum
Authentication method: POST
Parameters (I'll do attribute/value):
req_username/username of user
req_password/password of user

Tell me if you're unclear about anything and let me know if it seems to work smile

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Re: Google Adsense and a private PunBB forum

Thanks for your reply Smartys. smile

Using the Test My Authentication URL link that you see in the screenshot, it opens a new window where it logs in, I see the redirect page, but it returns to the "You're not allowed to..." page. neutral

I have a robots.txt with

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

I'll rename it to see if there are any changes. I'll come back.