Topic: Work Skin Request (Money involved)

Does anyone there browse forums at work when you're supposed to be ... you know ... working?

I would like to have a work skin which would at a quick glance look like some common work application like Excel(tm) or perhaps Word(r). So far I haven't found anything like it for PunBB so if you have found please point me to right direction if such a skin exists already.

The alternative is to create one, but personally I'm currently quite busy with work (ironically). I'm fairly experienced with CSS and PunBB skinning having done couple of my own, but as said the time constraints are unsurmountable.

Any takers? Anything from a quick draft to a complete product would be fine. For an usable product I'll buy you a beer (or soda if you prefer).

Re: Work Skin Request (Money involved)

This isn't exactly what you're looking for, but if you use Windows then you might try using Ghostzilla.

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