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yes, of course..... smile


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devils.master, at least you registered an wrote a post - hope it wasn't just "spamming/advertising" big_smile


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my last setup

I will add a frontpage, user gallery - some day

tccyouth.... isn't that facebook you are using?
btw. would like to know what gallery you are using: http://tccyouth.org/forum/gallery.php  big_smile

..what about this:

Haven't testet it yet, but it may be useful for certain purposes

yes, but what is if the image is smaller thant set in the CSS - is it going to be scaled up?

you mean tjalves code?
Yes, of course, that one just changes the img tag and "my" code is a combination of that code and a lightbox integration....

...and the code from the lightbox integration doesn't work if your server don't have those setting to allow "fopen" and "fclose"

well, yes and no :S   ....the problem is the "fclose" and "fopen" which is included in the original code of the Lightbox integration mod. Your server has to support that  - php.ini fopen has to be set to "on"

I recognise the same problem with this when I was changing the server, but after talking with my hoster and changing the settings it worked again.

Maybe somebody else has a better solution for not using "fopen" and "fclose".

Btw. Your Blog looks great, did you made the theme by yourself?
Could you tell me what plugin you use for the "links" page and for the "contact" page, please?

anybody a solution for those "extensions" ?
At least how to get thas "Easy BBCodes" to work.


I would love to have this plugin with

- use easy BBCode  (I saw it is there, but if I uncomment it , it displays, but it don't insert the bbCodes into the textarea)
- Preview button
- email notification

Has anybody done this?


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where could I find help to make this possible? I think it would be a nice feature, cause you don't have to copy and paste the text into some "new" site - it takes the text from the enty and you can choose in which languages you want to have it translated.
Don't have to be a popup window it could also be a div appearing....

Is this working with version 1.2.15 ?

hmmm,.... I just realized it seem to be impossible to redirect a URL to a forum located on different URL directory...
you can see the index site, but nothing more...

The "forum" URL adress is redirecting to a subdirectory of a different URL, where the forum is installed.
So my base URL is from where it is installed.

But all mails, like the activation mail for a new Member shows the base URL.
I don't want this base URL to be visible, but the "real" URL.
How can I make this?
Can I just change the base URL in the admin panel, or will that affect all links/paths and destroy the forum?



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Well, I would like to have it integrated in the forum - maybe like this:



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Thank's Jansson - so this is more a "modification thing",
would you mind telling me how you did it, cause I would like to use one Board for those languages?

Btw. if I have you online, I still have this problem: 


...and it seems nobody know a solution, but maybe you?


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Well, I don't know if this is possible at all....

...is it possible to have the whole forum with all entries translated automatically to another language?

Let's say the user can choose a english or a german "mirror"  version of the forum.
If a german writes anything into the german forum it will be translated and set into the english forum and via versa.

...or another workaround - If I have a "mixed" forum with english and german entries, would it be possible to add an button to the entry to have it translated with google or altavista?

nobody any solution..... help

I have used the Mod "Add Lightbox 2.0" from robert_h and it works perfectly.
Now I changed the server for the forum and it don't work anymore. The pics wont be displayed anymore with the "img" tag.
Do anybody have an idea what problem this is?

"Problem" post located here:



I have mad a kind of "extension" for Rickard Easy BBcode with graphical buttons and support for many video portals


...maybe that helps

I don't know puntoolbar, never tried it..... but if you just take the codes (arrays) for the videos and implement them in the right way into the "parser.php" and add some buttons for the "puntoolbar" which sets the right bbcode, it should work I think.

Haven't tested it with earlier versions than 1.2.15, but why shouldn't it work - check out the "parser.php" if it have the same arrays, I think it will work.


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well, I don't know much about that security stuff, but the iFrame-thing works fine.

Have made an update again, if anybody is interrested
One more Video Portal - MegaVideo.com - has been added.
Check the files and the thread at punres



...you just have to make "mod_easy_BBCode" work fot the quick post function - then this addon should work there too.
Take a look here, where Rickard explained how to implement his mod for the quickpost:


cause it doesn't work that way - the url does link to the site itself with the embedded swf player and we want to embed the player in our site and not the whole youTube site, don't we.

therefore the youTube player is embedded thrue the script and the BBCode tells the player to play a specefic video which is identifiabled thrue the video ID.

Well, the video ID of the youTube videos is integrated in the url - easy to grab, so why do you want to add an extra "www.youtube.com-thing" there?

Read my "how to" file - there you can learn how and where to find the video IDs of all supported video portals.