..hmmmm, nobody knows for the Yahoo Videos?

This is fun - I got it now for:

- myVideo
- google Video
- Clipfish
- YouTube
- FLV files with Jeroen Wijirings FLV Player
- Mp3 files with Jeroen Wijirings Mp3 Player
- Quicktime
- SWF files
- Windows Media Player

YouTube would be interresting, also "Metacafe" and "ebaumsworld"

to "johnnyj" : How did you adapted the code on that site - isn't that for "phpBB" ?


That works, thank's Smartys!

...sorry to push up this old thread, but I have problems installing this....
Rod, could you please explain it one more time

I did it your way and only the flv player showed up in 100% / 100% , no size control and no moviefile.....?
I used only the "flvplayer.swf" - is that correct?

this is a great idea - I manage to implement this, but failed to extend it to embed Yahoo Videos - do anybody know how to do that?

Can I use Button grafics instead of the standard button?
I tried this, but if clicking a button/gfx it save the page and redirect to the thread, as like clicking the "submit" button ?

<input class="bbcode" type="image" src="img/easyBBCode/text_bold.png" alt="B" title="Bold" onclick="insert_text('','')" />
<input class="bbcode" type="image" src="img/easyBBCode/text_italic.png" alt="I" title="Italic" onclick="insert_text('','')" />
<input class="bbcode" type="image" src="img/easyBBCode/text_underline.png" alt="U" title="Underline" onclick="insert_text('','')" />

Still have the problem with the URL (.com or .de) , well all URLs paths on the .de site are the same on the .com site, so maybe that isn't really a problem.

But I have manage to implement quicktime and windows media player -

However, Quicktime works fine, but I couldn't test Windows Media Player, cause I don't know the parameters exactly. Maybe anybody can test and tell.

For the RealPlayer I have no idea how to set it to autosize - it should be like I did, I think, but I had no RealMovie to test.

And if anybody know how to center those in the posts, tell me please.

- I'm no coder, I just had a look at the codes from the others and came up with this:

In "mod_easy_bbcode.php" add where the buttons should appear:

<input type="button" value="QuickTime" name="QuickTime" onclick="insert_text('[quicktime]http://www.yourPath.com/to_the/movie.mov','[/quicktime]')" />
<input type="button" value="Real" name="RealPlayer" onclick="insert_text('[real]http://www.yourPath.com/to_the/movie.rpm','[/real]')" />
<input type="button" value="WMP" name="Windows Media Player" onclick="insert_text('[wmp]http://www.yourPath.com/to_the/movie.wmv','[/wmp]')" />

And here for the "parser.php"

#---------[ 1. OPEN ]---------------------------------------------------------


#---------[ 2. FIND (line: 316) ]---------------------------------------------


#---------[ 3. AFTER, ADD ]---------------------------------------------------


#---------[ 4. FIND (line: 326) ]---------------------------------------------

'<span class="bbu">$1</span>',

#---------[ 5. AFTER, ADD ]---------------------------------------------------

'<embed type="video/quicktime" src="$1" width="480" height="289" align="middle" scale="aspect" autoplay="false" controller="true" loop="false" border="0" bgcolor="transparent" cache="true" pluginspage="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/"></embed>',

'<embed type="audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin" src="$1" controls="ImageWindow,ControlPanel,StatusBar" width="480" height="289" maintainaspect="true" center="true">',

'<embed type="video/x-ms-asf-plugin" align="center" src="$1" width="480" height="289" autosize="true" autostart="true" showcontrols="true" loop="false" border="0" bgcolor="transparent" showdisplay="false" animationatstart="false" transparentatstart="true" pluginspage="http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/"></embed>',

#---------[ 6. SAVE/UPLOAD ]-------------------------------------------------

Thank's Vanslyde - it works very good. I also use the mod "easy_bbcode" and added two buttons there for the youTube and GoogleVideo, works perfect in this way:

In "mod_easy_bbcode.php"
The buttons starts at line 71
add where you want the buttons to appear:

<input type="button" value="youTube" name="YouTube" onclick="insert_text('[youtube]','[/youtube]')" />
<input type="button" value="googleVid" name="Google Video" onclick="insert_text('[googlevid]','[/googlevid]')" />

Well, I still wonder how I could implement a quicktime movie, I think I need to set the width and height there - anybody an idea?

*edit: I found a problem with the google videos - if you use the german url like (http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid= whatever) it doesn't work.

Hi, this is my very first post and I'm very new to punBB. I installed punBB today and some mods, included this one....
I wonder if somebody have done a extension to this with adding buttons to manage to add quicktime, youTube and googleVideos to the posts?

Maybe somebody can explain how to do that.