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is it done yet?

sorry, I didnt want to offend you but my people are really devestating for new skin (special black blue gold white..) but on darkyblue chatbox is BUM

Hi, I know there was Bosnian on last version, so if somebody can please make it for 1.3

i fix it but the theme is awful!
any others with black, blue and little gold color (also white can be in some parts)

chatbox doesnt work on darkyblue!


I do have, but cant find the option
maybe I cant find it, where is it concretly?

I tried for me and didn't work
there isnt option


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I downloaded 1.3 skin and don't want to show it.. wtf?


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I also must to thank you.. good job!

can you just tell me how to change default skin on profile, for one person?

I see you are from Italy.. Do you have some themes with black and blue in it? big_smile smile

Hi there,

My language is Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian and we've got characters such as čćžš and so... I was wondering if I could set the charset to display these fonts correctly? Now it just shows questionmarks (?). On 1.2 it was okay, but when I upgraded on 1.3.2...


can you make it for Bosnian smile

how to install it or it comes in update?

It works great now! Thanks, Neck!

What is more important, on my forum, when you use quick quote, it quotes signature also


can someone give me checked and good download links of next things:

- Last post subject on index
- some skins..


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can someone make Bosnian language or Croatian if there is one?


Thanks for replying.

It doesn't work again... The same error. Can you tell me where to get my server info? I can show it to you. I know it's FreeBSD. And the PHP version is 5.2.3.


When I install it, it just says "Error: Unable to connect" and there's just "Loading..." standing there. Do you know what might be the problem? I just installed it, set chmod 777 on the .dat file.


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I'm thinking about changing theme of forum, so I'm looking for suggest.. just to say, I dont want something in black - looking for something easy for eye like now


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I dont trust bots, and dont know what to tipe for things I wrote before in posts


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finally, one interista smile
but, Im using punbb 1.2.14


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Common people, can anyone help?!
Is there maybe an option to put some questions or the words to copy in next line when someone is registering

any help??

or, can I put that new members cant create new topics until they collect few posts first?!


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maybe because of site language
I dont know how google scan your site