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I wanna add the navigation bar from pun bb to another website.

I have not written the website yet as I'm basing my website around punbb.

Where can i find the needed code to replicate the punbb navigation bar?

why thanks that did it. gj.

when I applyed the mod and reloded index page an error encountered

1054unknow colum 'parent_forum_id' i tabel field list.

I have punbb 1.2.15 might that be a problem

Plz help.

I have tried & movies in Youtube, which is where I upload my movies, all with the same result and I have tried to apply the the mod scrit sevral times with out sucsess.

Easy bbcode works nicely btw.

This is exactly what I have been looking fore thanks man. I just have a small isuess:  When I add a movie to my forum It is just withe and no sound.
Now I would guess this is a pretty simple mestake by me, but I just don't know what to do.