Is it possible to hide the "Views" column? 

The reason why I am asking is:  At the moment I opened my PunBB forum to the public, one thread was somewhat longer than the others and had therefore the highest view count.  Consequently, most newcomers apparently tended to start with (and many probably ended with, too) this particular topic, which in reality isn't necessarily more interesting to them than the remaining ones.  Such a positive feedback triggered a sort of avalanche, and currently this one has the view count a hundred times higher than those that could IMHO be more useful for the reader (who is, by this enormous score, inevitably attracted to the former, though).

Sounds reasonable, but does this one transform the PHP links into valid HTML document names, too?

I apologize for asking; of course I could install it and check it out myself, but I thought you perhaps know that.  (Its Czech documentation doesn't mention that.)

Smartys wrote:

... I've actually never seen anyone explain why they would want to do that. ...

Well, I think I've done so right at the beginning of this thread.   Let me give you a practical example:  To my surprise, one of my programs has been in use for 15 years without any change, while all substantial user questions were answered after some 5 years or earlier.  To make its forum accessible even in an almost static state would now require (1) running the MySQL server 10 years longer, and (2) the internet connectivity for every potential forum reader.  In this particular case, both seem slightly superfluous and expensive -- a CD would do as well.

At the moment I would wish to terminate my active support of the program, transforming the forum contents into a set of HTML documents would certainly be an ideal solution.

elbekko wrote:

... You can just copy the outputted source into an empty HTML file...

Thanks for your fast reply.  However, I'm not sure whether I get it correctly.  Do you mean I should essentially save individual pages (using a web browser) as HTML documents?  If so, this perhaps wouldn't be overly tedious in my case (just tens rather than hundreds of topics), but how could I treat the links from those pages?  (They would still have a form requiring the PHP, such as file:///D:/www/viewtopic.php?id=118, while I would need a tool that would save the target as, say, viewtopic118.html and transform the links to it accordingly.)

Sorry for a possibly redundant question, but is there any means how to export the instant forum contents into a set of HTML documents (thus eliminating the need of PHP and MySQL servers)?  In other words, could I generate something like a static image of the forum, suitable for e.g. publishing on a CD, etc.?