No? after every link is an image. In RAR I didn't find it. I need simply image that shows that it's link.

-- little image next to new window links

There are no image in the RAR.

I need a images for a link in mod.

I have a problem with attachment files with russian encodding names. It are downloading to forum, but users can't dowload it from forum. And russian encoding names are not correctly viewing. I have UTF-8 encoding. What it can be?

The code from 1st page is working!


Your code doesn't work.

error: image … 80x800.jpg cannot be loaded.


Thanx you very much. I see how this will be work and write you.

It's action bad. ((

somebody help me?

I have a problem in chat integrated in PunBB - russian nick are not correctly displayed. Who can help me?

Help me to include my PunBB in my page in main.tpl.

There is it:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
<title>[(site_name)] || [*pagetitle*]</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<link href="[(base_url)]assets/templates/site/css/style_wide.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

<div id="main">
<div id="logo"><a href="[~1~]"><img src="[(base_url)]assets/templates/site/img/logo.png" alt="SITE.COM" width="163px" height="39px" border="0px"><br></a></div>
<div id="language"><a href="[~70~]"><img src="[(base_url)]assets/templates/site/img/language.png" alt="????? ?????..." width="26px" height="26px" border="0px"><br></a></div>
<div id="right_menu">
<a href="[~2~]">news     </a><br>
<a href="[~3~]">gallery  </a><br>
<a href="[~11~]">forum </a><br>
<a href="[~30~]">distribution</a><br>
<a href="[~6~]">bands </a><br>
<a href="[~7~]">downloads   </a><br>
<a href="[~8~]">links       </a><br>
<div id="left_menu">
<a href="[~58~]">gigs:</a><br>
<a href="#">gig_1  </a><br>
<a href="#">gig_2   </a><br>
<a href="#">gig_3   </a><br>

<div id="contact"><a href="[~9~]">contact</a></div>

<div id="content">

!!!FORUM!!!   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THERE IS MUST BE  PunBB FORUM

</div>         <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< AFTER BEGINS FOOTER OF SITE

<div id="content_bottom"> </div>

<div id="copyright">© 2007-2008 SITE.COM</div>

Please give me a final main.tpl code. I do not understant how to do it right. ((( fuh..

And who's trying this? What's about results?

All the Evil was the Total Commander 7.0 public beta 2 'cause the registry translating in a lower case.))

"There is no valid language pack 'Russian' installed. Please reinstall a language of that name."

tha what I see after instalation and config successfully writing.

So what can I do? All language pack are normaly, but I again see "There is no valid language pack...

O, hey guys..Do really do not know how its made


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Who can explain how to do it?


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Rickard wrote:

4. After you have added your smilies to $smiley_text and $smiley_img you should have a look at the row directly below. It says that you must uncomment the next row if any of your smilies contain any of the characters &, ", ', < or >. Uncommenting is done by removing the two slashes in the beginning of the row

//   $text = array_map('htmlspecialchars', $text);

Where in this code we need to writing special chars that we used. I use (') and wath code I must retrieve?


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CodeXP wrote:
AndyDeacon wrote:

And I have one more question. See the icons. There are so dirty-placed. How I can centered icons like an QIP v8030 for example. There are so clean in QIP & ICQ.

I'm not quite sure I understand what you're asking, but if you're asking how to align the smilies vertically with the text you could try adding the following to your CSS:

div.postmsg img { vertical-align: text-bottom }

Don't know how/if that'll work in IE though.

Yes I mean align verticaly & horizontaly.

Who can say how I can use that if I have:

$smiley_img = array('aa.gif', 'aa.gif', 'ab.gif', 'ab.gif', 'ab.gif', 'ac.gif', 'ac.gif', 'ac.gif', 'acd.gif', 'acd.gif', 'ae.gif', 'af.gif', 'ag.gif', 'ah.gif', 'ai.gif', 'aj.gif', 'ak.gif', 'al.gif', 'al.gif', 'am.gif', 'an.gif', 'ao.gif', 'ao.gif', 'ap.gif', 'aq.gif', 'ar.gif', 'as.gif', 'at.gif', 'au.gif', 'av.gif', 'aw.gif', 'ax.gif', 'ay.gif', 'az.gif', 'ba.gif', 'bb.gif', 'bb.gif', 'bc.gif', 'bd.gif', 'be.gif', 'bf.gif', 'bg.gif', 'bh.gif', 'bi.gif', 'bj.gif', 'bj.gif', 'bk.gif', 'bl.gif', 'bm.gif', 'bn.gif', 'bn.gif', 'bo.gif', 'bp.gif', 'bp.gif', 'bq.gif', 'bq.gif', 'bq.gif', 'bq.gif', 'br.gif', 'bs.gif', 'bt.gif', 'bt.gif', 'bu.gif', 'bu.gif', 'bv.gif', 'bv.gif', 'bw.gif');


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Smartys wrote:

Smilies look fine to me. Do you have them disabled in your profile?

Yes? It's good now! I'm just inderstand. My mistake was in that:

that is wrong way:

'" alt="'

in parser.php


'" alt="'

in mod_easy_bbcode.php

so right do it this is the way:

'" width="51" height="51"

in parser.php



in mod_easy_bbcode.php

I'm simply lucky 'cause I know programming near 1%! Thanx for all!

And I have one more question. See the icons. There are so dirty-placed. How I can centered icons like an QIP v8030 for example. There are so clean in QIP & ICQ.


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and there is


if (!in_array($smiley_img[$i], $smiley_dups))
        echo "\t\t\t\t\t\t\t".'<a href="javascript:insert_text(\''.$smiley_text[$i].'\', \'\');"><img

src="img/smilies/'.$smiley_img[$i].'" width="51" height="51" alt="'.$smiley_text[$i].'" /></a>'."\n";


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yemgi wrote:
AndyDeacon wrote:

What you can say?

I can say that your phrases are not really clear and without more details or a link there is little we can do to help you

There is the link:

The icons I take from the QIP v2003, simply say max size of its is 51px. When I take QIP icons in the /img/smiles that have stoped to image.

There are my codes:


if ($is_signature && $pun_user['show_img_sig'] !=

        $img_tag = '<img class="sigimage" src="'.$url.'" width="51" height="51"

alt="'.htmlspecialchars($url).'" />';
    else if (!$is_signature && $pun_user['show_img'] != '0')

$img_tag = '<img class="postimg" src="'.$url.'" alt="'.htmlspecialchars($url).'" />';

    return $img_tag;

FruitCake wrote:

can you make it to show who online in chatbox

see my pic

sorry my bad english sorry sorry

Hey!? Please? Can you give me instruction/codes "what you do for this"? I'm too want online users' column!!! Thanx. I hope somebody help me.


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Guys, I have this problem too. And "Try completely removing the width="" height="" part." - it's not help me. My IE7 do not want see gif smiles and after I've opened IE, my Opera 9 too, but before Opera was openning gif-animation. What you can say?