A: I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for
B: You are looking for SQL injection unless you pass your new values to be inserted through $db->escape()

Whether Connorhd wants to develope PunPoll is upto him. But just so you all know I cannot fix bugs that I do not find myself if they are not reported.

Oh my mistake, you will have to manually edit the code to allow more in that case.

I had to postpone that addition because of the security flaw I found.

1.1.0 has been released

Release Notes:

1.1.0 fixes serveral flaws including one major security flaw, it is strongly recommended that everyone upgrades.


Language problem with new multiselect (yes/no) polls
Possible bug with new poll options
Problem with user being able to create poll with 1 or no options
Serious problem when poll was created with errors
Fixed unlikely but possible xss bug
Message in new polls is no longer optional, as it wasn't possible to delete them without a first message
Many problems with viewpoll.php for colored usergroups
Fixed SERIOUS exploit where users could possibly create polls with 100s of options

Percent and # format for votes displayed - requested by Evilman

Graphical bars to represent percents - requested by many

Ability to prevent certain user groupgs from creating new polls - requested by Connorhd (POSTPONED)

From a quick look over the change logs there appeared to be no difference between the 1.2.4 and the 1.2.5 index files. However I didn't verify this myself, I'll double check in a bit.

I believe you would have to modify the code, Easy Poll however will let administrators specify how many options polls can have


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1.2.5b wink

Well I am ofcourse sorry to hear that you won't be using the modification. The fact of the matter is most people prefer not having to modify bunchs of files by hand so I will not be changing the structure of this modifications. As for the bugs in viewforum.php I just checked and there was nothing, from what I could see, like you described, so I am not sure where you saw that.

Anyways on another note any requests for 1.1.0?

Atm there are going to be a lot of bug fixes. I have also added the ability to make it so certain user groups cannot create polls. And ofcourse the requested graphical bars to represent percents. The beta can be viewed here http://www.rscheatnet.com/mods/Easy_Pol … .php?id=2. Thanks to Connorhd for the help with comming up with an acceptable way to create the bars without using lovely GD smile

Again comments and suggestions are welcome

It would be insane for me to design mods around all the other modifications in existance smile. As for the bugs, I cannot fix what is not reported.

That isn't exactly true. As far as I recall the private message mod just ads some links to the pages, it doesn't actually really modify them. That wouldn't work with this. If I did make it so you had to include files rather than modify the code in viewforum there would still be replacements required, and you would have to include several files. As for the changes to viewtopic.php again its not exactly correct. The viewpoll.php file uses slightly modified queries so that would have to be changed. There are also variable changes in the file that could not be replicated without adding in files that were extremly redundant.

The modification was created with the intention of least changes possible, and I feel I have accomplished this. Six changes to two files, isn't really that much.

As far as I know this type of mod would be impossible using just plugins. There would be no way to tell the difference between regular topics, and polls

gezz that is a feature that I havn't decided whether or not I'll add, however If I recieve more requests I will consider it.

shinko_metsuo there is nothing wrong with it, its a problem with you either not running the install_mod.php, or somehow your catch not refreshing

That would require more intergration with the original base code, which is what I want to stay away from.

shinko_metsuo: You need to be sure you ran install_mod.php.

The file HAS to begin with AMP_ or AP_

hmm, Well I'm not sure about the first error as when I went to fix it in the readme

        if ($cur_topic['announcement'] == '1')
            $subject = '<span class="stickytext">'.$lang_common['Announcement'].': </span>'.$subject;
            $item_status .= ' isticky';
            $icon_text .= ' '.$lang_common['Announcement'];

Which is correct

As for the second one, people can use your fix, I would rather wait for more changes to release another version so quickly

1.0.5 released

Problem with footers

The forum_id should be 0, as 0 will never be a valid id for a forum. I could have made the forum_id null but 0 just seemed nicer

Yeah thats why I wasn't sure if it was what you guys were looking for

I see the problem the viewannouncement.php file uses the footer call for viewtopic.php. 1.0.5 will be out shortly.

Well (\S*?) would work over (\w*?)...I guess, but that may not be exactly what you want todo.

Well I cannot really say fairly, as I have never used Pun Poll. Someone who has used them both would have to answer.

What is the page?