Here is a new demo link:

1.0.6 released
Problem with percentages on multiselect (yes/no) polls

Moderating abilities (stick, unstick, close, etc)

I don't see how posting an account is helpfull. As guests you can create polls but not vote, and as a member you can vote, but only once for each poll, so its easy to just create a new account O_o There you are.

1.0.6 will be released in the next few hours, just a heads up

No it doesn't allowed for different stylesheets which is a major downplay. And rewriting the mod to allow for such things isn't the easiest thing todo. I may release a version that uses your thoughts in the future.

gezz for the pms and new link, I believe don't believe easy poll would have an effect on either, however in polls links will not open up into a new window unless you make the same changes to viewpoll.php as viewtopic.php. As for Easy BBC I am not familiar with the mod/plugin so I couldn't tell you.

As for the closed I havn't the slightest clue why it wouldn't be showing up, I'm looking at the code and it appears fine. As for the sticky, my theory is you accidently deleted the sticky code by mistake when installing the modifications. However to be sure I would need to you to either upload a copy of your viewtopic.php as viewtopic.phps or viewtopic.txt would be easiest. Or you can email me a copy at

Paul if I get what your saying you mean editing the stylesheets for punbb? If thats what you ment, how do you dynamicly change a groups colors or if you add a group how do you add the new colors? You would have to manually edit the css every time.

Or I could have competly missed what you were getting at wink

Is that really that bad of a problem? I mean I guess you could change it to remove the underline, but I never really felt it was that bad.

Were you trying to stick or close the poll, or other? As Easy Poll does not effect those functions for regular topics.

Well with Easy Poll installed you will need to change it to work with your mark as read in two places once for the poll topics and once for the regular topics.

My guess is that you put an extra ; or you are missing an ;. The code should look like this

    while ($pun_user_online = $db->fetch_assoc($result))
        if ($pun_user_online['user_id'] > 1)
            $users[] = "\n\t\t\t\t".'<dd><a href="profile.php?id='.$pun_user_online['user_id'].'"><span style="color: '.$pun_user_online['color'].'">'.pun_htmlspecialchars($pun_user_online['ident']).'</span></a>';

There are tools like phpMyAdmin which make exporting your database very easy. Also its a bit more complicated but you can manually dump your database into a file.

vote.php array index bug SHOULD be fixed as of 1.0.5 - reported by zoksso

I do appologize for all the bugs that were released in this mod and in peticular the announcement mod too. It was a mistake releasing them so close together and this mod was written with different error checking than the regular punbb base install which caused me to miss a lot of things. Hopefully this will be the last update for a while.

0 is will not work it has to be 1 or above and below 999, don't ask about the 999

Request filled as of 03-21-05

##        Mod title:  Guests Read 
##      Mod version:  1.0 
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.3, 1.2.4 
##     Release date:  03-21-05 
##           Author:  Caleb Champlin (Mediator) [] 
##      Description:  Gives administrators the ability to limit how many posts guests see in each topic. 
##       Affects DB:  Yes 
##   Affected files:  viewtopic.php 
##            Notes:  None 
##     Generated By:  Auto Read-Me(by Caleb Champlin) -
##       DISCLAIMER:  Please note that 'mods' are not officially supported by
##                    PunBB. Installation of this modification is done at your
##                    own risk. Backup your forum database and any and all
##                    applicable files before proceeding.

Please note this is the first version of this modification and although it should work it has not been heavily tested by myself. If you find any bugs please post them. Thanks


Viewtopic offset bug SHOULD be fixed as of 1.0.4 - reported by zonksso
Viewtopic closed bug fixed as of 1.0.4 - reported by Connorhd

Well if you gave some further information I might be able to fix the problems, as for your pm system its not really the poll softwars fault.

There are instructions to enable GD in the topic post for this thread, if you do not have access you can try requesting from your administrators

Just search for "GD" it should come up, if nothing comes up you don't have it enabled

In that case you probably do not have GD enabled, check your phpinfo

Be sure you uploaded the gdf file from the new version.

1.0.3 should fix install_mod.php problems, and include the file that my silly self left out of bundle (font)

Could you download and run the install mod again and inform me if that fixes