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I'll see what I can whip up, give me a day or two

Could you email me your whole search.php, I'm guessing there is an error somewhere else in the file. med_mediator@hotmail.com


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you could always cheat, and force the server to let you run it a long time....I use ini_set("max_execution_time","999999"); all the time.....then again most people don't have a 12 gig mysql of md5 hashes, and their matching words


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*cough* kdiff *cough* Its what I always use for problems like this wink

Actually no, I forgot to upgrade them, I'll do that right now

Ah, thanks for your reply. I've fixed the problem with posting, atleast with new topics, I couldn't find a simple way to add the checking to replies without adding another function, or new queries. Anyways it shouldnt really be a problem as you cant get the post id to reply to without actually being able to access the forums.

I'll come up with somehting by 1.3 though to make sure.

Also I've made it so moderators of group restricted forums can view and access the forums, even if they arn't group members. However moderators that are not specific to restricted forums, will be treated like normal users.

Anyways new version here http://www.rscheatnet.com/User_Groups-1.2.zip


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Ah jesus......I am such a newb, never even noticed that function.....anyways here are the new results from the search

word  hits  
good 5370 
now 5056 
think 5026 
work 4956 
well 4781 
need 4693 
post 4568 
help 4179 
time 3868 
ill 3745 
people 3676 
thats 3613 
new 3275 
try 3157 
doesnt 2859 
still 2849 
right 2823 
really 2712 
com 2709 
back 2702 
because 2697 
say 2598 
program 2572 
first 2542 
someone 2535 
made 2534 
works 2435 
sure 2381 
add 2357 
anyone 2337 
ive 2281 
name 2229 
nice 2143 
again 2127 
same 2095 
shit 2089 
banned 2074 
look 2056 
start 2040 
give 2027 
put 2014 
tell 2005 
using 1972 
working 1912 
yeah 1900 
wont 1880 
fucking 1870 
stuff 1824 
maybe 1823 
read 1804 
trying 1777 
change 1761 
used 1736 
done 1731 
site 1695 
says 1694 
man 1690 
fuck 1682 
anything 1674 
fix 1671 
msn 1636 
wrong 1633 
edit 1630 
while 1604 
better 1599 
little 1526 
problem 1525 
sorry 1454 
down 1431 
long 1422 
mean 1407 
found 1404 
mine 1403 
check 1402 
plz 1397 
already 1368 
few 1359 
might 1358 
free 1354 


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word  hits  
script 1442
good 1437
well 1318
post 1315
now 1231
think 1199
people 1091
need 1067
work 1039
ill 972
thats 939
scar 937
help 894
time 866
new 838
rs2 812
com 787
try 782
back 737
still 709
right 701
say 693
someone 654
because 653
first 653
really 652
shit 629
made 621
give 598
add 593
sure 588
doesnt 588
name 583
program 554
nice 551
start 549
banned 547
fucking 546
works 541
scripts 536
anyone 523
fuck 500
msn 496
stuff 491
read 491
yeah 485
ive 482
again 481
look 480
wont 477

Ok......well my forums has 3030 users and 76693 posts.....the results of the search where a bit scewed as I had to empty the search tables a few weeks ago as they where killing my backups.

Anyways......thats what I got

Hrm.....I some how managed to upload a version with an install script that had serious quote problems.....no idea when or how I uploaded this version, but its fixed in the new version along with 1.4 compatability. It can be downloaded here http://www.rscheatnet.com/User_Groups-1.1.zip

It *SHOULD* work on all versions


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And if I empty the tables?


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I'm trying to figure out the purpose of the search tables....as well they are becomming quite large and backing up is starting to suck

forums_search_matches                571,736 - 15.9 MB
forums_search_results                3 - 21.3 KB     
forums_search_words                57,703 - 2.4 MB 

Anyways I'm to lazy to search through the code, so I figured I would ask


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Aww does this mean I cant admin myself and take over your boards anymore? :'(


Ok, do to a request I've added it to punres here http://punres.cactuz.nu/index.php?p=pro … &id=24

http://www.rscheatnet.com/testing/ There you go everything you need to know is on that forum

yeah lemme setup a test forum

Alot of the major boards have a user group system, so I figured I would upload the system I made for my boards. Anyways its a pretty simple mod with an install time of about 30 minutes give or take.

Link: http://www.rscheatnet.com/User_Groups-1.2.zip
Link 2: http://punres.cactuz.nu/index.php?p=pro ... &id=24

I know I'm suposed to upload at that one site, but the errors where pissing me off.

Anyways enjoy.

NOTE: If you find an errors feel free to email me at mediator@rscheatnet.com, or I guess reply to this thread.

NOTE x2: If you have an suggestions or requests for this mod, again feel free to email me or reply.


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Yes you can if you change the forms of the page or edit your POSTs you can create nicknames as long as you want wink


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Synopsis: Changing form values and lengths users can have usernames of extremly long lengths.

Files involved: register.php



if (strlen($username) < 2)
   message($lang_prof_reg['Username too short']);

else if (strlen($username) > 25)
    message($lang_prof_reg['Username too long']);

en_prof_reg.php(will vary based on language)

'Username too short'        =>    'Usernames must be at least 2 characters long. Please choose another (longer) username.',

'Username too long'        =>    'Usernames may not be over 25 characters long. Please choose another (shorter) username.',