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OK. I'm going to try to explain the error to you one more time since you still don't seem to understand it.

"PunBB reported: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)"
The problem there is that the username/password details you supplied for the MySQL server are incorrect. There is no way for PunBB to fix that, you simply need to enter correct details. The error is separate and apart from any other errors, such as a similar error you would get if you gave the correct username/password but your user did not have permission over a given database.


Then why it works in Linux properly?

Because you set things up properly there. It has nothing to do with the OS and everything to do with you entering details correctly.

I think it was about how to solve the problem, and the solution was kind of "manual".
Not about what is the exact reason beyond it, so that we could find an AUTOMATED solution.

How do you plan to automate adding a user to a MySQL server that you don't have correct login information for?

I think that there IS a solution out there that makes this boring error message DISAPPEAR for ever!!

Yes, using the correct login details wink


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Moved to Troubleshooting, since this isn't a PunBB issue
Talk to your host, this is their problem.


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All guests share the guest user, user ID of 1.

This involves querying the database, either directly or using a tool like phpMyAdmin.

Why Javascript? This is perfect and uncomplicated for CSS.



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Just download a fresh copy of PunBB and upload the files over what you already have.


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lie2815: That was SuperMAG saying it, not a developer. Don't presume that he speaks for us. wink
In this case, however, subforums will be an official extension.

Hierarchy is forum -> topic -> post.
A forum is a collection of topics, a topic is a collection of posts.
So you can create a forum via PunBB, get its forum ID, and then insert a topic and a post for the topic. You can assign the forum ID to the topic at insertion time.


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Windows has nothing to do with it
Seriously, I've explained what the problem was tongue


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Hash the password that the user provides, the same way PunBB does, and compare the hashes.


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You can't unhash something, that would be decrypting it.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptograp … h_function


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They are hashed, which means they can not be decrypted.

Probably people linking between the www/non-www versions of your site. Either fix the cookie domain or make one redirect to the other (the latter being the better option).


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Hmm? If you're talking about this forum, it doesn't seem slow to me, although that does sometimes happen on the Russian's server. In general though, we've coped with far more guests.


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http://www.rustyjoystick.com/forum/lang … common.php

PunBB uses the current server timezone, so I don't think that is possible. I would restart Apache though and see if it changes anything, since I know I had to do that after manually updating my server's timezone.

Profile option can disable them

Whoops, ignore me Peter, I misread your post smile

Edit: Whoops, sorry Peter, apparently I can't read. tongue

Actually, there might be another solution: one similar to what Bekko suggested.


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Then you haven't tried very hard


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include/functions.php, generate_navlinks function.


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Noted, thanks


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Assuming you just upgraded to 1.2.17, it sounds like you skipped the step where you update the logout links.