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Complete re-write . Major update . Patch update

ie: 1.3 is a major update from 1.2.x and 1.2.17 is a patch update from 1.2.16

Did this answer your question?


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Ask Quaker how secure MyBB is.

EEEkk!  1.1.5



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Very last thing on the page.

I suspect this project would be aimed toward the novice or someone not very familiar with styling PunBB.


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Connor is the only one on this site that has access to help you.

I like the FotoNotes version. Easier to quickly find what you're looking for.

In STYLE.css

/* 5.1 Page margins */

#punwrap {margin:12px 20px}


/* 5.1 Page margins */

BODY {text-align: center}
#punwrap {width: 1000px; margin: 12px auto; text-align:left}

Or change width: 1000px; to something fitting.


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Why not use a 301?



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I totally digg that theme. Not sure the icons fit, but the rest of the theme make up for it.

Good stuff.

Very common problem with any forum conversion tool. Just do ask elbekko said and all should be fine.


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LOL! I can't seem to find the thread but it's been discussed.


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How many times have we been through the reasoning behind Rickard and the dev teams way of versioning PunBB? tongue


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There are some really nice styles in there but on the flip side there is some horrid styles in there. To-each-his-own I guess. Good stuff.

That's better than what I get with the online tool.

Thanks MattF.

Never mind... Found a good online conversion tool.

Thanks anyways.

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Fresh from the svn install.


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Can we still use limited bbcode then? Being able to have a link to something in a board description is a nice trick.


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liquidat0r wrote:

You only just noticed him? You obviously haven't been following the timeline religiously. tongue

Nope sorry. tongue


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I'll prepare for recording videos. big_smile


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Kinda related but not really: Are any of the owners active member here on the forums?


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One of the new "owners"?


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Just noticed this on the time line. But they're not mentioned in the team members list on Wiki page.

matt1298 wrote:

just installed http://www.spiceworks.com/ looks good !

So how's this going? Does it qualify as a support ticket app like it's web based kin? I don't have anywhere I can test this out or I would have already.

The reason I'm after a desktop based app rather than a web based one is all the pcs that will need to be able to submit "tickets" WON'T be connected to the internet. Maybe not even to our INTRANET. JUST linked peer-to-peer and then maybe to a file server. I've search and haven't had much luck finding a desktop app that will serve our purpose.


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Jansson wrote:
Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

We'll see... But your talent group is way beyond what these were intended for. wink

Well yeah, but I just like having a voice telling me what's happening, and I think there's others like me smile

Point taken and noted. big_smile