Jérémie wrote:

And it's a closed source product, iirc.

Yes it is.
And again vB mods are useless for PunBB.

Not to mention they'd be useless for PunBB anyways.

Don't forget updates to PunBB itself.

CReatiVe4w3 wrote:

Please don't post if you haven't the slightest clue about an answer.

I'm not kidding when I say this, but it took me no less than 10 seconds to find and download a poll mod that I know for a fact works with 1.2.16.

Matt, you were too nice.


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MattF wrote:

Dr J, the Tango download link is dead. big_smile Edit: Scrub that. Just twigged to check the Tango homepage. big_smile

Nuts! Best of luck.
What's this for.. curious.


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bingiman wrote:


Checkout http://kde-look.org ....

An icon lovers paradise!

In this pack there is a blackboard that I think would be better for tutorial. But I'm patial to Tango! wink


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Good stuff!


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I'm intrigued to know what you've been working on with all these modifications Bing. wink Is it a secret or just updates and new additions to MegaPun?


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This is for my work's intranet and needs to be a stand alone script we can host and have complete control over. If it was just a cal we can link to Google would be a viable and very suitable option.


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I need a suggestion for a calendar script that I can add to my site. It has to have event scheduling and be able to include(mini calendar) in any page plus a full size calendar on it's own page.

Thanks in advance.


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Watch my videos for some basic help. There is my sig.


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This should help you Bing.


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We'll see... But your talent group is way beyond what these were intended for. wink


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Very cool!


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Although frowned upon, it's perfectly legal. As long as they keep the copyright in the source code they're fine.

It's in Admin Options.

Just delete the style.css files(in the /styles folder) you don't want them to be able to use.


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Even over at PunRes you are going to have to give better info if you want any help.

What is the problem(s) you are having? What mods are you trying to install? What errors, if any, come up.

That's new one... Odd. Do you allow switching of styles at all? I would say if you don't to just delete the other styles from the style folder. Not sure if this will solve your problem but it SHOULD make everyone see the style you've chosen.


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You can say that again. wink

@eric: I installed the user agent switcher for ff, but there isn't an option to be a googlebot. Any ideas.


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Yes you are correct... There is quite a few things that I missed in my first batch of vids. When 1.3 hits beta I'm going to redo all of them(or the ones that need a bit more) and do some for 1.3.



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Nice find foxmask.