The 2 elements you mention don't have borders.  A quick check with the web developer add-on for FireFox shows that the title and description are controlled by the #brd-title and #brd-desc style IDs and look like this in the style sheet.

/* Board Title and Description
#brd-title {
    padding: 1.3em 1.3em 0.3em 1.3em;
    white-space: nowrap;
#brd-title p {
    font-size: 1.5em;
#brd-title a:link, #brd-title a:visited {
    text-decoration: none;
#brd-desc {
    padding: 0 1.3em 1em 1.3em;
Anas wrote:

The problem: a useless/mystery error message:

Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Access denied for user 'user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)"<

That's far from being useless or a mystery.  It states pretty clearly exactly what the problem is.


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melkor445 wrote:

I install punBB inside my web directory, and now let's say I have a database file forum.db which is somewhere on the web server. The user running the web server is apache, so I can set the owner of the forum.db file to be apache. I tell punBB to use that database file. That all works fine.

You would NOT want to make he owner Apache or whatever web server is being used.  In a shared hosting environment the web server usually runs withe the permissions of the account it is being used under.  If your account name is joe for example Apache will be running as if it is joe and the files will be owned by joe.

melkor445 wrote:

Now let's say another user comes along, and decides to install a forum of his own in his own web space - there is nothing to stop him from using the same database file as me, since he can use any file accessible by apache, right?

Not right.  The file won't be owned by the web server.  If that were the case any person on a shared server would be able to modify the files of any other user on the same server and that isn't the case and doesn't happen.

melkor445 wrote:

There is nothing really linking the database file to a specific forum or my user on the computer.

It's not linked to a specific forum but it is linked to, actually owned by, your user name on the shared system.

Still looks correct here with FF and IE7.

Looks fine here too with FF 2 and IE7.


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We've done just that for the ClickCartPro forums at


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Leggings wrote:

And the styles folder is located ...where ON MY SITE ?

Exactly where quaker said they would be.  In the style directory which will be under the directory where you have punBB installed.  After you've added the style sheet you found to that directory go into administration -> Options and the style sheet you added should show up in the "Default style" selection list.


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Pretty much exactly what the message says in your first post.  Change the permissions on the cache and avatar directories to 777 using your FTP client or through your hosting control panel.

That error pretty much says it all.  One of your registered addresses isn't valid and is making things blow up.  I don't know how the mod works but sendmail normally restricts the address lists to about 255 addresses so if the mod is trying to throw all 2222 at it at once things aren't going to function very well.

But if you split a line and it IS a link then it would become a broken link (not a good thing IMO).  And if it's a piece of code and gets split the meaning and function could be completely broken as a result.

A couple of minor changes to index.php to remove the links from the forum names and last post accomplishes this but doesn't prevent someone from going directly to a forum with a crafted URL.  For the casual guest it is enough though.