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Ahhh excellent!
Thanks! smile

Hello, have had a search & cant find what I need.
I need to clean up my forum & want to delete multiple threads, by using a checkbox or something to select the ones I want to delete.
Is there any way I can do this?

Hi, thanks for replies. I have version 1.2.17.
What shall I do with this text once I have found it? handle_img_tag in include/parser.php

Hello, I need a mod that will automatically resize signature pics, as people are putting huge pics in their sigs & its messing up my forum. I have a mybb forum which has this option in control panel, but alas punbb does not follow suit.
Does anyone know where or how I can implement restriction & resizing of signature pics?
I look forward to replies. Thanks


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Hello, if I do this upgrade will I lose my colour scheme etc? Im running 1.2.14
Also how bad are the security holes in the version I have? Do I really need to do this upgrade?
These updates seem very messy for novice like me & not explained very well. I have downloaded the files & am still none the wiser where they should go.

'Then remove it from // the root directory.$update_from = array('1.2', '1.2.1', '1.2.2', '1.2.3', '1.2.4', '1.2.5', '1.2.6', '1.2.7', '1.2.8', '1.2.9', '1.2.10', '1.2.11', '1.2.12', '1.2.13', '1.2.14', '1.2.15', '1.2.16');$update_to = '1.2.17'; define('PUN_ROOT', './');@include PUN_ROOT.'config.php';// If PUN isn't defined, config.php is missing or corrupt or we are outside the root directory if (!defined('PUN'))    exit'

I read this & I am lost sad

ah brilliant, what file am I modifying for this?

spammers taken care of! smile
Now does anyone know how I can stop moderators from seeing ip addresses?

If I am able to approve every registration, then that is admin activation, chrz

Its not that I dont want them posting on forum, I dont want them in my user list full stop, with names like 'cheap viagra' and 'britneyspearsnude' as user names. I would rather they werent able to register at all.

Hi, thanks for reply. Nah I dont want to do that. I know other forums have a setting so the administrator can approve accounts before they become active. That is the mod I need.

Also does anyone know a way of mass-deleting users? Im getting 20 spammers join per day & I dont want to delete each one individually as we have about 5000 now sad

Okie, anyone got the info for these mods?
Chrz smile

Hello, I need a couple of things.
Firstly I have alot of spammers joining up, so I want a mod where I can activate each account personally. Other forums have it. 'Your account needs approval by an administrator, you will be emailed when your account is active' is the kind of email you usually get

Secondly I need a mod so only administrators can see ip addresses, not moderators.

Anyone know if these features or tweaks are available?