Me too!


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PunBB is a fine piece of programming and a wonderful BB. Instead of more, and more complex, PunBB is an elegant and minimal alternative to the bloated offerings of others. I admire your work and achievement.

I'm a candidate for some type of integration software between punBB and a simple news system and perhaps a few other simple modules. I would love to see this added into punBB but that doesn't seem likely. I hope someone is working on this. If i knew enough to help I would, but as I am, I'd be dangerous since I have been known to garble php code just by close proximity to a computer which is turned on.

An alternative would be an integration script with an existing news system or CMS which lacks a forum module.

Thanks anyway, I figured it out by staying up all night. I'd like to suggest that you add more fields to posts just in case someone like me has a use for additional fields. They come in quite handy when you're doing a little more than a standard forum. Thanks.

Hello, this is Oliver again. I was *really* hoping that somebody could have offered me a little direction as to how to add a new field to the post (message) form. This is a really important feature I'm trying to add and I have no clue...something to get me started would be very appreciated.  Thanks.


I would like to add an additional field to my posting form (in addition to username and subject) but I have absolutely no idea how to do so. Can anyone provide instructions, for a dummy like me, to accomplish that? The field need not be searchable, just a simple text filed to hold a short amount of info. The contents of this field would show up in people's posts.

I appreciate any help.