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Difference is that PunBB doesn't develope anymore it's own code. It is heavily dependant on fluxbb developement.

So at the bottom line there isn't much difference. If any at all betwen these 2 forums.

Devs left on its own. After PunBB project was sold.


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If developers of FluxBB don't mind copy-paste who am i then to be childish.


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Why don't you develope on your own ideas and vision what PunBB should be?

Why not compete with FluxBB? Why copy?


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If they copy they should give credit. That is yust my opinion an nothing else.

The credit should go to team that developes.


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A least you are honest and admit your team doesn't develope enything but it will copy FluxBB and be dependant on developement of FluxBB.

I hope you will give credits to them in the bottom? Somethink like Powerd by PunBB - Developed by FluxBB...


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Nice to know who is developing and who is on the free ride... Will u use new markup from FluxBB to?


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Your team developed it or you steal it from FluxBB?


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Respect to developers.


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Thanx for uploading files. So i guess i can use Outline style on my forum with author permison?

I have 2 questions regarding Outline style.

1. Why is extenson file for? I install it and all i get was trouble. (Corupted output like 2 headers and other things) Without installed extension it works fine.

2. Is it here easy way to fix the only "bug" i found in Outline style with IE 7.0 when the navigation links shows white edge on top and buttons are pushed down a bit.

IE 7.0 (buttons not correctly positioned)

FF (works fine)

I think these is the code that needs changing ( Outline_cs.css)

#pun-navlinks li a {padding-left: 5px/*; padding-left: 10px*/; padding-top: 8px; padding-bottom: 8px}
#pun-navlinks li a span {padding: 8px; padding-right: 13px}
#pun-navlinks li a {background: #A90329 url(img/topmenu-l.gif) no-repeat scroll 0pt}
#pun-navlinks li a span {background: #A90329 url(img/topmenu-r.gif) no-repeat scroll 100% 0pt}

#pun-navlinks li.isactive a {background: #FFFFFF url(img/topmenu-active-l.gif) no-repeat scroll 0pt}
#pun-navlinks li.isactive a span {background: #FFFFFF url(img/topmenu-active-r.gif) no-repeat scroll 100% 0pt; font-weight: bold}

With changes i can get it to work in IE 7.0 but then in the FF doesnt show correct.

Yust cant get both browsers to display correctly at the same time. Any suggestions?

orlandu63 wrote:

add this to your CSS file:

.entry-content img {
max-width: 100%

.entry-content a img {
margin: 0 auto

that should work for questions 1 and 2.

Did that but nothing happened. I put the lines in all .css files.


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I went to your demo page and found style Outline very nice. Did you do it yourself? Who do i have to ask if it will give me permission to use it myself?

Thanx for answer.

Is there any simple way to align pictures that we hotlink with img tag in the center of the post window?

I would like the center alingement as defolt.

And question b. Is there a way to size down pictures (attached with img tag) so that they would fit in a window of defolt size.

I dont want to give user any upload priveleges. But it would be nice if moderator could upload image to the server if he wants.

Where do i begin. And what is possible and what not. Im not a coder but i will try if i can do it myself.

Security is no1. If its not secure then i dont want the option and is better not to have it.

I searched the forum and found i think 3 gallery typs for punbb. One i think is obsolete. Can anybody advice me wich one does not affect database (so no post would be lost if something happens with gallery or if i use punbb with the same database backup on another server).

I use latest PunBB 1.3 and will stay 1.3 user beacose of UTF8 support. Is any script like that made as an extension and not as an mod for 1.3 allready? I didn't find any.


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I'm not a coder but a user. But i must say daris these extensions (Portal) is really good for us users that dont know how to code.


(As these is my first post i must give my respect to developers of PunBB to. I choose your forum beacose it best suits my needs. Safe, fast, easy to use. With extension like Portal by Daris it becomes the ultimate solution for me.)