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It's that time again: new release time! smile

Recently, several security vulnerabilities in both the stable (1.2) and development (1.3) branches of FluxBB have come to our attention. Today, we have released a new version of 1.2 and hotfixes for 1.3 to address these vulnerabilities.

1.2.19 addresses three fairly serious security vulnerabilities and provides a fix for an issue with userlist.php. It is a recommended upgrade for all 1.2 installs, both FluxBB and PunBB.

4 hotfixes have been released for 1.3 Beta 2. These hotfixes address various security concerns in the beta. It is recommended that all users of the beta install these hotfixes: when your install checks for updates, either manually or automatically, you should be prompted to do so.

The FluxBB Team would like to thank Stefan Esser, who reported the 1.3 vulnerabilities, and Dan Crowley, who reported the vulnerability in 1.2's parser.

Download Here:

it seems i have no choice but to update my Punbb 1.2.17 to 19 now, since the security problems


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yes i receaved that to and i replied with ????????? hehehe

who the hell is supermag

there was no reason written

i was banned at the morning, and when i came back i am not banned now. i was about to send email to the admin for reason i was banned for. but its not needed now. so what is going on.


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he means to Enable Seo Links here like Fluxbb did


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mmm whats the difference


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For Me, i like Fluxbb Name, and since all devs are there, there is nothing bitter then orignal idea.

i like Fluxbb Name because it has its meaning. i.e Fast, Light, User Friendly, eXtensible Bulletin Board.


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there are two lines of reading,

Reading this topic now ( Guests: 0 | Registered users: 1 ) : I-MAN

Replying this topic now ( Guests: 0 | Registered users: 0 )


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ledo, be a little kind, he already said that its GPL. go search google what does it means. the devs forked. so both sites are free. well for me. the one which develops more and bitter i will go to that side. currently is far above punbb. but i still dont know how capable are antology and his new team.


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mmm i cant understand a thing now. whats going on. i thought you guys said that you want to make punbb 1.3 as fluxbb 1.3 and change the future goals. so what version of punbb is this.