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In version 1.3.4 a reference to the internal pages of the forum is also open in a new window. sad


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[*]А что заголовок не работает?[/*]


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Try to remove the underlining of links. It damages the perception of ... Design changes have punbb it is very difficult. Do, please, at least, as mybb. Thank you!


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Thank you for your new style! Colors, of course, remains to be further developed, where some smaller font, for example, in the basement. I really like. There are two of my wishes: to delete the items on 100% of the width (all elements of the same width), and other icons of the sections, most others, this is not what is not good for me. Good icons - 50% of design. wink

Thanks again for your work! (Gradually, still need to make the main variables in the template, it's shabov, human DLE have not seen it.)

I now this style is like: http://punbb.informer.com/trac/attachme … /web20.png
(Only the text and color of the sections are smaller, and the form to search to remove). smile

Guys, help please, I much risk and what, if install.php submenu minimum required version 4.1.2 to 4.0.27?

What could be the problem and how to avoid them when you install on MySQL 4.0.27.

Tested on a test hosting, all run and prepared and you basically at this now ptrushka. (((


Ребята, подскажите, пожалуйста, сильно ли я рискую и чем, если в install.php подменю минимально необходимую версию с 4.1.2 на 4.0.27 ?

В чем могут быть проблемы и как их избежать при установке на MySQL 4.0.27.

Тестировал на тестовом хостинге, все обкатал и подготовил и на тебе, на основном такая вот птрушка. (((


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РОССИЯ - ГОЛЛАНДИЯ 3:1 !!!!!!!!!!


p.s. Ненавижу политику сша.