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can someone suggest a really good tutorial for writting php? theres a page i wanna make in php and need a basic idea of php...


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Ok i put together a rar archieve it has sg-1.1.zip which is a pdf file in the downloads section that tells you how to make your own PunBB styles... It also has a Style Shell (a CSS file ready all you gota do it put your colors you want in...) and lastly it has a program i made from a example program cause i was board basically its wordpad but is just for CSS file if someone could please host this for me email me at nsb823@aol.com


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im trying to add my own link to my forum like right before the logout link could someone help me?


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zaher wrote:

Oh, i deemed you have the answer, BTW why you need a HWND inside delphi you play with objects not windows, give me more descriptions.

is you drag objects inside your program ?

Ok ill try and show you so here is a screenshot:

The HWND is supposed to be dragged to the Game Client and the program im making gets the Image of the word from the client and types it in the client in order to wake up..... what this is that i am making is a Ocr im making for some friends who play this game that i used to play and they have auto programs which let them auto for them over night and get them stats and money but awhile ago the game developers cought on and made a sleep system of generated words converted into images...


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zaher wrote:

inside delphi

or if you in Form1 object use handle without name of object

for another objects

what you mean
>Draging a Crosshair to a game client to get info into a bot

What i mean is my program has a picture of a crosshair i want to click and drag it to another window ... so if the game window is selected i can make it click on certain colors like a color clicker


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I need help with getting the HWND of a window EXAMPLE: Draging a Crosshair to a game client to get info into a bot...


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i need help figuring out howto get this javascript code made into delphi...

<script type="text/javascript">
function tohex() {
    var outValue = '';
    inValue= document.getElementById('pad').value;
        for (i=0; i<inValue.length; i++)
            outValue += '%' + inValue.charCodeAt(i).toString(16);
    document.getElementById('pad').value = outValue;
function toascii() {
    var outValue = '';
    inValue= document.getElementById('pad').value;
        outValue = unescape(inValue);
    document.getElementById('pad').value = outValue;
<form method="post">
<textarea cols="76" rows="15" name="pad" id="pad"></textarea><br>
<input value="Translate into hex" onclick="if(document.getElementById){tohex();return false}" type="submit">
<input value="Translate to ASCII" onclick="if(document.getElementById){toascii();return false}" type="submit">


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Ok i know some basic java and i know in java you can do for example

if (Coords[0] > 224 && Start() == true) then begin

is there a way you can do that in Delphi?

such as like

if lStart.caption='On' && another procedure then begin ????


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Ok nvm mind i found a alternative instead of TButton i used TSpeedButton which has a selection to change color and make flat and all the good stuff


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plz post it here


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Is it possible to change the color of a button in Delphi 7? If yes how?


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ameenullah wrote:

It working! but what it is all about...

Everywhere i can see sleeves...It doesn't  have intro page also. tongue

Looks to me like its gonna be some kind of RPG game but not a visual one like a generated fight kind i could be very off though....

EDIT: NVM i looked at it better (i used the search thing)


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thanks BTW i have no clue what you are talking about can u give me another example using what i have above?

What do you meen the markup is wrong its working fine and doing what i want


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well i figured out how to replace the anyoying white box with a image but still cant someone tell me if its possible to change the color....


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Ok i have made a member login for my site it doesnt work to log in i can fix that i made it not owrk on purpose i basically am just making the layout right now then ill do everything else so anyways the box you type the username and password into which is white is there a way to change the color of the box?

<div class="text" >username:  <input type="text" style="height:17; color:000000; font-size:10px; width:120; border:0" class="bg"><br>
password:  <input type="password" style="height:17; color:000000; font-size:10px; width:120; border:0" class="bg">    <a href="#"><img src="images/log.jpg" border="0" align="absmiddle"></a></div>

ok thanks ill try those... your into php here huh? can someone please tell me howto use it and everything i dont know shit about it

ok i need to help my community fix a program we made for a game long ago the game updated thier mudclient and now i need to update the prog we made i just need someone to explain to me how to deobfuscate the file


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its ok


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really i dont see it....

http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicinde … meless.htm

Im not sure if this will help i just kinda seen it but didnt read alot of it http://www.programmersheaven.com/search … mp;ID=8473


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Me and a friend have a forum and he messed it up and now im getting errors

to reach the forum goto cyclone-hosting.com/graphix/ if you think you can help please to i need help ASAP


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thank you ameenullah ill try it out soon


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i can get you the missing product id in a few days once the site i get my stuff from buys more bandwith cuz they used it all but u would have to answer my question i posted the can u edit this or w/e it was called