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Winsyntax 2.0 works fine for me wink

(of course with the php-module installed)


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*giving it a try*

i use a simple gallery on my punBB wink

i got a simple admin-plugin with upload, delete and auto-thumbnailning
it supports subfolders and so on...

it uses some readir() wink


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okay... smile

I am not @ home in the weekend so it would be nice if you could release it today wink

*snälla* wink


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Yes, i run the BETA @ the moment and want the stable version before i starting to make my own pluings and stuff wink


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When is 1.2 going to be released ? wink


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!== <-php for "is not"

It's actually "not identical". != is "not equal". /Rickard

Anyone that does know how to install this in punBB++, i dont like the BBCode buttons that is in there...

i use punBB++ but i have searched for this and i want it smile

i wanna change so you only see ip´s in profiles and on viewtopic.php if you are a logged in administrator/moderator...

like on this forums you dont see ip´s.....

i find a ip cloak mod here but it was for the old version of punbb (1.0)

if anyone would help me...... thanks (tack)