The issue I'm running into is that this seems to mess with the CSS on topic pages by making the usernames somewhat larger.

That and the IE6 problem mentioned previously, where the usernames on topic pages disappear completely.


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Using this extension, I'm still getting email notifications even when I have them turned off in my settings.


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Something that would let you have a full list of smilies open in a new window, yet still display the most common ones as normal, would be great.  Especially if there were a way to include smilies of varying resolutions.  I guess I would rather have at least a short list of emoticons visible by default.  All the other stuff looks great.

I'm trying to install an Ajax chat system on my punBB forum, but when I uploaded the /chat/ folder to the directory as instructed, the install file gave me the following error message:

The constant FORUM_ROOT must be defined and point to a valid PunBB installation root directory.

The Ajax extension in question was designed for punBB and came from Ajax's website.  I'm running punBB 1.3.2 so I suspect there may be a version compatibility issue here.  Any thoughts on what the problem could be, and how it might be resolved?