I get: Database reported: Unknown column 'u.avatar' in 'field list' (Errno: 1054).
I checked and there are other fields missing so i guess i have to reinstall fresh.

Thanks for your help!
I don't understand step 1. On my homeserver i still have 1.3, the hoster already has the latest version.

After years of having punbb on my homeserver i am migrating to a hoster. I installed the latest punbb, 1.4.4 there and tried to import an sql dump. My version is only 1.3.4 (forgot to check, stupid) AND mine was sql but the hoster has mariadb and they said i had to remove the Create from the sql dump because they didn't allow that. It got kind of confusing and the guy at the hosting said he would help me if i gave him my .sql dumps.

Now at first it seems it worked but if you click on a post you get.

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.
This is probably a temporary error. Just refresh the page and retry. If problem continues, please check back in 5-10 minutes.
The forum is on a temporary url here

Any ideas? I could start with a fresh install again, it's just that i have to tell everybody to register again.


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I notice spambots often visit the forum and the next thing they do after they are on the index page is visit the last modified topic.
I am trying to use this to fight them by trying to recognize this and ban the ip.
But I would like to know how they get this last modified topic from the forum index because I don't see a link to that topic on the index page. There are links to the last post in each subforum but not one link to the last modified one.

So I'm baffled, how do these bots figure out the last modified topic from visiting the index page??
Hope you understand the question.

Since moving to a linux server the forum email does not work anymore. I tried both options, fill in the field with the my provider's smtp server and leave it blank.

I get no error messages and no mail is sent.

I prefer the smtp server because I'm not sure sendmail is setup ok on the server. Although when I use the commandline and 'mail' I can send mail allright.

Where should I look for error messages?


Edit: never mind, it started working...


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Thanks, after clean reinstall of punbb 1.3.4 and this file I've got my buttons back.

I'm trying for some time to get my bbcode buttons back like this forum has. There are some topics about it and some refer to a version 1.3.5 of the pun_bbcode plugin.
It's also said that this forum uses 1.3.5
However, all I can find is 1.3.6. (versionnumber is in manifest.xml)

Please give us a download to the 1.3.5 version.

We want them buttons back!


TomeOne wrote:
Slavok wrote:

I can't reproduce the bug. Can you check out the 1.3.5 version of the extension to check if the bug persists, please? It is the 1643 revision in svn.

I grabbed the bbcode extension off the SVN and still no luck.

A space in an url in a post will give trouble.
If I try to submit a post like is an ulr.html

with url tags around it I get:

Warning! The following errors must be corrected before your message can be posted:
url was opened within itself, this is not allowed

I can't even post here with http:// before such an url.

If I omit the tags I get an invalid link like above.

Please tell me there is a workaround, change something somewhere in the bbcode parser code maybe?



I'm trying to login to punbb from my own code. I understand that I need to call setcookie().

I can get the user's password, salt etc from the punbb database allright and I can compute the hash with sha1($salt.sha1($str)); Other values for set_cookie() can be found in config.php.

But what exactly should I put into 2e param $value please?

Edit: never mind, I think I found the solution, this seems to work. This is my code in case anybody is interested. It doesn't use any punbb functions so it is fully independant. Hope it is readable. smile

// input $name and $pass
$name = $_POST['name'];
$pass = $_POST['pass'];
// here of course you should connect to the punbb database first
$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$name'"; 
list($id, $hashpass, $salt) = mysql_fetch_row(mysql_query($query));
if (punhash($pass, $salt) == $hashpass) // password match?
  puncookie($id, $hashpass, $salt);  // login
  header("Location: index.php"); 
function punhash($str, $salt)
return sha1($salt.sha1($str));
function puncookie($id, $pass, $salt)
header('P3P: CP="CUR ADM"');
$cookie_name = 'forum_cookie'; // you should get these from your config.php
$cookie_domain = '';
$cookie_path = '/';
$cookie_secure = 0;
$expire = time()+24*60*60;
$value = base64_encode($id.'|'.$pass.'|'.$expire.'|'.sha1($salt.$pass.punhash($expire, $salt)));
setcookie($cookie_name, $value, $expire, $cookie_path, $cookie_domain, $cookie_secure, true);



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I looked a bit at the cookie behaviour.
If I login to the forum there are 3 cookies:


If I then go to some other part of the site and come back to the forum there is only this one cookie left [forum_cookie_4c38ad]
Untill I login, then there are the same three again.

Config.php has this entry btw: $cookie_name = 'forum_cookie_69d348';

Mystery to me, hope someone can shed a bit of light?

Yet another Edit: I found the cause. I was using the local ip 192.168.x.x to access the forum. When using the domain name I stay logged in.
'Problem' solved.


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I tried latest opera, latest firefox and ie6. No difference.
I was thinking that maybe because the iframe reloads index.php everytime somehow the cookie data gets lost?

Edit: I use some simple ajax to handle those button clicks, maybe that is the cause?
Edit2: Using ajax or not seems to make no difference.

Could I force index.php to check if a cookie is set for the forum?


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My forum is part of a website which has a menu with buttons. When you click the button for the forum I call an iframe and punbb starts.

echo "<iframe src=forum/index.php style=\"width:100%; height:3000; border:0; margin:0; padding:0;\" scrolling=no></iframe>";

I click Login on the forum and I get logged in.

Now the problem is that when I click on a button to go to another part of the site, and then come back to the forum I am not logged in anymore. It looks like by calling index.php the forum 'starts all over'?
Is there a way to stay logged in?

This is the site:

This editor on this forum has visible smilies/bbcode but I can't find any extension that does this, nor any setting in my local punbb 1.3.
How do I get these visible smilies instead of just the link to the smiies help page?


Edit: I reinstalled punbb and now I finally have the damn smilies/bbcode. Must have deleted something previously..

you should think that changing the colors in oxygen_css.css that are about 'navlinks' would do something, yet I didn't succeed.

But I had other problems, that seem to be gone with 1.2, like opera presenting a horizontal scrollbar on my iframe, so for now I'll stick with 1.2.

Never mind, I went back to 1.2, it's not as sexy as 1.3 but more things are working, layout problems have now gone too.

Trying to change the color of the bar that reads

Index User List Search Login etc.

I was looking in oxygen_cs.css and changing colors in brd-navlinks entries but that didn't change much.
How do I do this?


Edit: it seems installing styles is not yet implemented in 1.3?

Yeah, saw that afterwards.

SiCo wrote:

You can also just do it from the users profile, if you click the tick box below it redirects you to the profile. From the main profile page is an option to set the users password.

I managed to fix IE with some browser detection code, adding scrolling=yes and horizontalscrolling=no

Opera still displays horizontal scrollbar no matter what I come up with.


I use punbb in an iframe like this:

<iframe src=punbb/index.php width=90% height=90% frameborder=0 allowtransparency=yes></iframe>

But both opera and IE incorrectly display a horizontal scrollbar.
Opera when displaying the forums and topics, not while displaying posts , and you can scroll a lot horizontally.

The one IE displays is only when displaying a list of posts that require a vertical scrollbar, because of the vertical scrollbar, the page suddenly 'gets wider' and a horizontal appears if you know what I mean.

Firefox seems to always display correctly.

Can I fix this?

I tried adding style="overflow-x: hidden;" to the iframe but it does not help.

My site is here



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My shot:
The board can't find its graphics, probably because you installed it on localhost.
You have to supply a valid domainname when you install it, like
Then in your hosts file on that server have an entry like

this way you have correct paths when browsing on the server and from outside.

ebaygeek wrote:

Your board seems to be down atm, however i think i have the same problem as you so im gonna borrow your thread.
This is how it looks for me:
On the host computer however everything looks fine, so if anyone got a solution for this problem i would be happy to know.

Thank you!


Just installed punbb.
The extension for to add a user manually does not let one specify a password. And a password field has to be non empty to login.
How can I specify a password for a manually added user?


Edit: Never mind, I managed to edit the extension.