Looks great, Mad-Wolfie, congrats.

Wow, Rod, those sites are incredible, high level design... it makes the little effort putted on this theme almost insignificant smile
Btw, as you said, I'll wait to see this changes happen upstream... but I'm happy to hear that this classic web application is moving with the new technologies...

Ok, demo added for the theme, but now I'm embarrassed of showing such an insignificant think...  well, ummm, temporal look-a-like theme until the new times come to CPG.



Hi everyone,

I've been trying to modify the classic theme of Coppermine to match the one in PunBB forum software.
I know it could have been done a lot better (I should be ported to divs to be tableless like punbb), but I was too short of time to do that, and my only objective was to obtain a "similar" look with the forum since the integration betwen coppermine and punbb is officially supported.

If you can improve this theme to look even more similar to original Oxygen punbb theme, please feel free to modify it and share with us smile

Thanks CPG && PunBB, I love you!

(Same topic at Coppermine Forums)

Demo - Download

Edit: added the demo


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Rickard wrote:

I'm not trying to make a political or racial statement here, but is it just me or are most "crackers" from the east? Either from the former Soviet Union or from china/korea?

Here the most "crackers" come from South America (mostly Brazil) hmm

@Feedback: I installed 1.1.2 with a fresh PunBB 1.2.6 two days ago and it works fine (example).


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A PunBB skin of the EpicBlue theme from oGame, mainly aimed for any oGame Clan forum.


Our clan temporal forum:

Feel free to use it wink

PD: It's adapted from the PunBB's Cobalt oficial style, of course big_smile


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zaher wrote:

Is phpBB multilanguage for every user?


I like it a lot! It will be great to see this in a live site working with PunBB... I can't wait! smile

deusiah, I like a lot LF and probably will use it once the the integration is completed (and there is a public release, of course).
I'll be pleased to contribute with themes/styles and translation(s); at the moment I'm very busy, but in a couple of weeks I'll post something in your forums. Thanks for your beautiful work! smile

deusiah wrote:

...an example of Logicfury and PunBB working together, You can imagine what it would look like though, exactly the same as it does now but clicking on forums would take you to a punBB instead wink

Can I ask if you're going to really implement PunBB? It looks like THE cms most of us where waiting... big_smile


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Yes, you're right. That's because that image floating at the top, was being displayed ok making a normal float in firefox, but iexplorer was displaying it inside the tables (only showing half of the image), and I had to add the "position" attribute to the float in order to force iexplorer to do a "real float" (be the first visual layer). But adding that attribute resulted in an overlapping of the links, and now I'm trying to get an equilibrium between the float (more beautiful) and the links functionality tongue

Thanks for taking a look at the site, Connorhd wink

Frank H wrote:
simkin wrote:

You can use this special character ? , but I'm afraid iexplorer doesn't likes it hmm

works in my IE6 at least...

Ok, good to know then. When I tested it, ie wasn't showing this character, but could be caused by the OS.

I've Installed this little mod, and seems there is some kind of problem with the rank of guests. They were getting more rank than the members. I didn't know how to solve this, so I moved the rank bar to the bottom of the user info, together with post count, and this way the rank is not being displayed for guests. ^^


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Connorhd wrote:

you can convertISO-8859-1 to utf-8 with http://uk2.php.net/manual/en/function.utf8-encode.php

Thanks a lot, Connorhd! It's working very fine smile

You can use this special character ? , but I'm afraid iexplorer doesn't likes it hmm


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Hi, friends! PunBB is getting better and better every new release, congratulations wink

I've moved to another server, and also upgraded to 1.2.5 version. I know it's not so beautifully customized as the 1.2 was, but I followed the SpinkBB link in the website, and the skin generator impressed my a lot (It's amazing!) tongue


I've a little question (I don't know if should be asked here, sorry): my website (CMS made simple) is utf-8 encoded, and when I try to insert in it the extern.php output, 8859-1 encoded, obviously some characters can not be seen correctly. Is there any (easy?) way to include the last forum topics inside an utf-8 encoded webpage?

Well, thanks for everything, and keep up the good work.
GPL or not, this is the very best forum software ever seen in the net! big_smile

Edit: after one year I've reached the 500 topics required for being listed on Pubbig! Finally! My forum will be the first one listed in catalan language... urgh, snif,...  I'm very happy... T_T


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Rickard wrote:

I went with the first one because I want to make it clear that this is a problem with the PHP setup and not PunBB. OK?

Fine smile


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Mmm... here the catalan translation:

El PHP no ha pogut desar a una ubicació temporal el fitxer pujat.

but I believe that in my language not putting that subject (php) is more correct:

No ha estat possible desar a una ubicació temporal el fitxer pujat.

this sounds like it was unable to save the uploaded file to a temporary location... without the php.
However all two ways are "correct", so you can choose the one you like more (if you don't know, put the second one).

Joey wrote:

Isn't this in contrast to the philosophy of Pun?

Yeah, I think Little Mambo (LIMBO) is more agree with PunBB's philosophy.

...still getting same error on same lines :-/

Wow! Thanks... but I've a problem:

Notice: Undefined index: group_id in .....public_html/simkin/gallery/bridge/punbb.inc.php on line 88
Notice: Undefined index: group_id in .....public_html/simkin/gallery/bridge/punbb.inc.php on line 92
Notice: Undefined index: user_id in .....public_html/simkin/gallery/bridge/punbb.inc.php on line 95
Fatal error: There was an error while processing a database query

Is this error produced because I added more groups on my punbb1.2 ??

Nibbler(cpg), It looks beautiful! Thank you!

Nibbler(cpg), are you going to release a bridge for punbb1.2 + cpg 1.3? (This is what I'm using by now)
If not..., when will be CPG 1.4 released? Thanks!


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Yei, congratulations by this release! wink

Oh! I see... I thought that were censured words or something similar.
Very useful database query there! he, he...
Updated again same url wink


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Upgraded to PunBB 1.2 Beta smile