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Mmm, I like the patch and hdiff update distribution methods.  Stupidly neat, good stuff guys smile  Should save me an awful lot of hassle when I do my update tonight


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Sorry it's so early to be posting messages about 1.3, take a break Rickard and Paul, you deserve it, but I'm intreagued by your cryptic 1.3 message.  For me 1.2 has pretty much everything I could have hoped for in a forum software, nice looking, simple to code in and fast as hell.  So what else is there to go in?  I'm really struggling to think of anything, uless it's just optimization stuff, which I doubt there's much of the speed at which it's running at the moment.  Anyway, back to playing with v1.2, tis great fun!


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Upgraded to 1.2 flawlessly so I thought I'd better show off how easy the intergration was smile  Thanks for the great work Rickard!
Have a look at http://www.commercialconspiracy.co.uk/


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Small bug (unless I've missed something very recent)
The check for update is telling me there is a new version even though I'm on 1.2 beta.


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I'm running a lightly modded version of your lovely script intergrated into my site at http://www.commercialconspiracy.co.uk/
It's kinda small at the moment and a couple of the widths are wrong, but it's getting there!


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