Thanks. I will give that a try.

I tried to change a punBB forum to another language, namely Dutch.

However, after changing the language in the administrator settings to Dutch and logging out I can no longer access the forum and get the following error: Warning: require(./lang/Dutch/url_replace.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory.

Does anyone know what causes this error and how to fix it?

PS: I downloaded the Dutch language pack and installed it in the relevant folder.

It has been fixed. It turned out there was an error in the absolute path in my own .htaccess.

I'm trying to put a password on a directory where punbb is installed. So that the punbb forum is password protected.
I've tried to do this by adding an (extra) .htaccess file which points to a .htpasswd file.
When i go to the forum i get the user/password popup. I fill out the username and password and then i'm supposed to enter the forum. However instead of entering the forum i get a 500:Internal Server Error.

Perhaps it's because the punbb directory already contains an .htaccess.dist. My extra .htaccess file might conflict things, but i'm not sure. Does anyone know how i can achieve what i'm intending to do without getting an internal server error?

The code in my .htaccess file:

AuthUserFile /absolute/path/to/.htpasswd
AuthName login
AuthType Basic

Require valid-user

I've also tried to put the above code directly into punbb's original .htaccess.dist , but then i didn't get a user/password popup. (It did not seem to work)

I was wondering if it's perhaps possible to put a password on punbb forums when using the folder based URL-scheme and then paswording the particular forum using an .htaccess file. I've set the URL-scheme to folder based now. However that scheme seem to not actually create the folders in the url scheme. (Like for example
In the example the directories /forum/4/ seem to not be created in the root on the server.

Do you know if what i'm trying to do is perhaps possible?

Slavok wrote:

No, there is not functionality for this in the forum core. Will it be enough for you just to hide some forums from a user?

Perhaps that would be a possibility too. However that would mean i'd have to hide certain forums for many users. Out of interest. How would one do that?

Also, is there perhaps an extension available that can put a password on a forum or category?

I was wondering how to put a password on a forum or category. Does punBB have this functionality out of the box or are there extensions available that can do this?