Make a version of punbb which fully modded. Just like . A fully modded phpbb.
Just a suggestion :>



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hoho.. test reply

Yeah. Hopefully they can make something like punbb. Coz I love pun bb anyway... :>.

Punbb is a great lightweight php forum. If it can be integrated seamlessly with angelineCMS. It would be very great.

I know.. the general way to move
1. backup database > restore it @ new hosting
2. move the files to the new hosting
3. change the config for the path <--- this what I want to know tongue

Any ideas?

I have shell access, phpmyadmin, ftp, almost everything.
Can i backup the databse using mysqldump command from shell?

How to move installed punbb to another hosting?


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Tikiwiki is a good cms. It got all the features we need ( at least me ) tongue.


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Urgh... i hate mods! Modules is still ok, but mods? No thx....
It makes the upgrade process really painful.
Am I right? :<


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hyapadi wrote:

aawalalallalalsdasdsadsadsd tongue :>



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aawalalallalalsdasdsadsadsd tongue :>