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Je l'ai pourtant installé sans probleme sur mon forum (voir mon website) version 1.1.5. me souviens pas de grosse difficulté.


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Sinon tu peux installer ce ce mod



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Je pense que ce ce mod ci peut t'aider. Je ne l'ai pas installé donc je peux pas te confirmer que c'est bien ceux que tu veux.


French translation for the fr_pms.php

'Multidelete'                    =>    'supprimer plusieurs messages',
     'Delete messages comply'    => 'Voulez-vous supprimer ces messages',
     'Deleted redirect'            => 'Messages supprimés. Redirection ...',
     'Read redirect'                => 'Tous les messages marqués comme lus. Redirection...',
     'Mark all'                    =>        'marquer tous ces messages comme lus',

voilà wink


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Pourquoi pas. Je suis assez neuf sur punBB mais si t'as besoin d'un petit coup de pouce wink

In the post preview mod we cannot change the main.tpl just the "post.php" files.

I don't see what the interaction between this two files.

There is a bug between this mod and the punpost preview mod.

When I installed this mod, my forum's user would to preview their post, their message was posted. When I remove it, I can preview.


I'm done a french version to this mod : do not use the "en_splittopic.php" files but the "fr_slipttopic.php" files in the archive

the modification for the files fr_common.php is explain in the read me text.

we can download here

Finally I restart with the punpost.html  and all seems good, I have the button

Thanks very much to the help smile


I follow the same steps than Yassilus and I have  the same problem. no "preview" button appear

your file "post.php" seems to be for the the 1.1.4 version not for the 1.1.5 : is there another change to do in the post.php to the new version ?

Sorry for my english I'm french. I hope you understand my question ?