The download link does not work anymore, maybe someone can repost the mod?

thx in advance


I'm also looking forward to this. priority no1 feature request smile

We use punbb as an online meeting room, I am in hard need of clean printouts for IRL meetings.


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JohnS wrote:

I used to use it quite often. If I was unable to answer the post myself I would contact the relevant moderator (or a member who I thought could help) and ask them to answer it.
I think it makes users happier (and more likely to remain active) if they feel they are not being ignored - particularly if they are a new user.

It's fine by me whatever you do - I cannot fault PunBB - but maybe this option could be left where it is only visible when logged in as admin or moderator?

Or maybe it is possible to enable it in the admin panel?


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I am now running the forums for 4 days and I have clicked it already 3 times, so yeah, I use it smile

gyro wrote:

What's the use of this MOD?
I don't really understand the point.

You can group your members into certain groups and then give these groups access to certain forums.
So members that are not allowed to read a certain forum will get an error message like "you don't have permission to read here"

I hope this explains it.



Rickard wrote:

It should work with 1.1.5 without any problems. In order to install it, you will have to open up mod_install.php and add 1.1.5 to the end of the line

$punbb_versions    = array('1.1', '1.1.1', '1.1.2', '1.1.3', '1.1.4');

Other than that, it shouldn't be a problem. No files were moved or renamed in 1.1.5. common_admin.php is located in the directory include.

You're completely right
Thanks for the info and bringing us these very nice forums!

Hi all,

Is it possible that this mod does not apply to punbb 1.1.5?
Because several files that the howto requests aren't available

like "common_admin.php" -> it seems that this file has been split up into several files

and more like that

I can't apply the mod, though it's the thing that I need for my forums and I really love punbb (I was using phpbb before for all my forums, and I like punbb more)
Is there a way to apply this mod to 1.1.5?

Thanks in advance