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I noticed there are quite a few PostgreSQL administration tools out there and I am trying to decide what is best to use for my PostgreSQL and so I would like to ask what do you Postgre users use?


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I have seen it supported by forum software alot. I have never heard anyone actually use it. Have any of you tryed it?

yelowpunk wrote:

I've tried installing phpMyAdmin... it's hard as hell, to me...

It's like learning to drive in a country that has traffic signs in a different language with different icon schemes.

Care to teach me? wink


i know...i had some else install for me! tongue

yelowpunk wrote:

It gives me an error.

This is what I'm typing at the mysql> prompt:

mysql> mysqldump -u root -p my_password mysql > mysqlbackup.sql

The default mySQL database is called, in fact, mysql, right?


yes, but you can create new databases with phpmyadim wink It's soo easy..

addicted one wrote:

I just installed PHP and MySQL. Do I have to restart the computer or something? Also, if it is on my Apache server that is hosted on my computer, will it still work, or do I need to upload it somewhere first?

If you do have PHP and MySQL you will need to restart your Apache server (I learned that from installing Perl on my Apache server) A simple kill then start will do it. And yes, if the Apache server is on your computer, it will work. I do the exact same thing on mine. Good luck!
Also, do you have the latest PHP and MYSQL? sometimes really old PHP versions don't work.


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Connorhd wrote:

i just hope its out before tuesday (thats when i got back to college sad)

it might be released today for it is sunday! wink


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Okay, whoops. I don't have much experience with servers and such. MySQL.
Oh and think the answer to what OS is Apache 1.3...If that's what you mean.


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SQlite on MySQL? yes. I figured out how to tranfer all the data. By moving the config.php. All I need to know now is how to find out how much space the forum is taking up.


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I have that and SQlite. But where can I find out how much space the forum's data (members, topics etc) is using on my server?


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Am I able to backup my files (members, posts etc)so I can move my forum to another server. If so, where are these files located?