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Radium all the way!


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Lol, anyone who psts everything like that deserves to be banned.

No comment from Rickard yet? Guess it's not something he wants to do.


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I don't see as much hype for it as there was for 1.2

Is it still early days? It's been a long time since I posted regularly.


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Rod wrote:

The best thing for final user would be a WYSIWYG and not a textarea ... all in dhtml with directly the form. But dev would say "yes but it's not compatible with Mosaic".

That's the life smile

Actually he'd probably say it would slow the boards down too much. PunBB is meant to be light, not full of bloated DHTML.

Textile is fast to write, and so it would fit in nicely here. PunBB could help other forum makes adopt this awesomely simple language.


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My server (Gilford) just got moved. YAY!

They should have a rest, then start work on the TextPanel.

I <3 TextDrive


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hcgtv wrote:

I'm not putting Textile down, it might be really nice but I could never figure it out.

One of the problems with Textile is it is so simple people think there must be some other trick to it.

"Try PunBB":http://punbb.org

That's a URL.

If it didn't work SF must have not done it right.


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Tobi wrote:

There are exactly 9 (nine) different BBcode tags in the standard version.
Limited maybe, but no way difficult.

Actually I'm refering to what it take to type them out. A url with Textile involves "Try PunBB":http://punbb.org

That's a total of 3 extra charaters "":

Where as BBcode requires 12 to do the exact same thing. Bold text? Textile requires 2, instead charaters of 6 and so on.

Tobi wrote:

Plus, I always have the feeling that too much layout options don't help the readability of a board.
Once you allow people to mess around with different font sizes and so on - some of them will almost certainly overdo it.

You don't need to include the whole textile language, just the bits that do the same as BBcode.

Once you get the hang of it you'll love it. Plus it would help the whole TextDrive unity that PunBB is apart of and move apps away from the safe and familiar into better things.

Edit: Please help with the plugin if you can.

Feel free to disagree but I think Textile should replace BBcode as PunBB's code of choice. BBcode is so bulky and cumbersome, i'm always having to read the help file to remember how to do things. Sure people new to Textile would have to do the same but once you get the hang of it it's so natual and fast. 

I know that the Textpattern forums use PunBB with Textile working.

I think it would further help PunBB's identity as a light, easy and fast message board.


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Sounds good. I don't care if other hosts don't support it as I know TextDrive will and that's who i'm with! I'll be getting my clients on it too.

Will this mean that you'll have to maintain two versions of PunBB Rickard or will it work on old versions too?


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You should really give Textpattern a try. It's the best CMS out there if you ask me. Plus it's from the hosting company that support PunBB.


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Ok, Thanks.

Btw does PunBB work with Lighttpd? Any plans to do so in the future?


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Jansson wrote:

It sure looks good, for windows.. Graphical environments for linux and mac have looked just as good for a long time now.

I think you mean have looked a million times better and still do. Vista looks awful, it looks like a bad StyleXP theme. I don't understand why they can make a good theme. Look at Clearlook for Gnome. http://www.gnome-look.org/content/pre2/19527-2.png
It's so basic but it looks so much better. Let's not even mention OS X and KDE.


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What would class as low traffic? How many users online at once?


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I just read something about SQLite being bad under high loads. So MySQL it is.


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I recently switched to Textdrive hosting (YAY!). I choose to donate to punbb of course :-)

Anyway. I'm just installing PunBB and it is giving me these options. Which is better?


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There are aguments for both. At the end of the day i'd learn towards XHTML as it is the future.


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You fixed the mod_rewrite thing?

I hope so as the clean section/title URLs are one of my favorite parts.


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Things to understand/remember

Textile - seems annoying at first but is actually much quicker and easier than html once you get the hang of it

Plug-ins - Are just PHP scripts. Handy because there is a huge archive at you disposal and you don't need to know the first thing about PHP.
Forms - Are main thing it takes a while to get but once you do you've pretty much figured out Textpattern.

Keep asking any questions you have on there forum or check the Textbook


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Textpattern is by far the best CMS out there. I spent ages looking for the right one. It reminds me of PunBB because it's light, powerful and easy to use. Of course there is a bit of a learning curve but once you've got your head around it nothing can stop you doing exactly what you want.

PunBB + Textpattern = Website perfection


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If lying is the only way to get users away from Internet Explorer than so be it.


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For personal browsing I won't use anything else. The browser hierarchy as far as i'm concerned goes...

Firefox > Safari > Opera > Mozilla > Camino > Omniweb > K-Meleon > Konqueror > whatever else > IE > text only browsers

Still have to use IE for testing though tongue


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I've had one person invade my forums. He was a quite a well know troll on the GameFAQs.com forums. I think he is now KOS (kill on sight) there. Since my site is linked with GameFAQs he used that as a reason to invade. He only came the once and I IP banned him straight away.


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Thanks for the heads up.

Okay thanks.