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I say it's time to fork. What about "FreeBB" or is that taken?

I had a similar problem. I used two domains for my site www.keffatliv.ath.cx and keffatliv.ath.cx.
The problem was that when using www.keffatliv.ath.cx the keffatliv.ath.cx cookie were read but the www.keffatliv.ath.cx were written to.

So a user who had logged in using keffatliv.ath.cx could not log out using www.keffatliv.ath.cx. The solution was to redirect www.keffatliv.ath.cx to keffatliv.ath.cx.

Well, working is no fun if you get paid smile

Write what you want done here and we might be able to help you for free.

Solved now, I replaced the <pun_navlinks> with a <pun_include "navlinks.php">

Then i could rewrite the code myself without doing a mod. I bet many other mods could be done this way.

I would like to move the login / logout links to my main menu. I could have them in both places but i think that is confusing.

Hate mods. Even if it's just 2-4 lines. Makes me not want to update.

About the lang pack, there could be an option to use default or custom navlinks.

I like to be able to remove navlinks as well as add them. I also like to configure who can see my additional navlink (admins/mod, user or guest).

The way i like this to be done is to make all navlinks the same. I also like to set "who can see" permissions just like unix permission (read=admins/mod, write=users, exec=guest). Position could be determined by the row number and permission can be written before the link. So per default the navlinks should look something like:

7 <a href="index.php">Index</a>
7 <a href="userlist.php">User list</a>
7 <a href="misc.php?action=rules">Rules</a>
7 <a href="search.php">Search</a>
1 <a href="register.php">Register</a>
6 <a href="profile.php">Profile</a>
4 <a href="admin_index.php">Admin</a>
1 <a href="login.php">Logga in</a>
6 <a href="login.php?action=out">Logout</a>

The reason i want this is to be able to move the login/logout links without a mod. It's confusing to have it in two diffrent places. I also like to add a link for admins to an admin plugin.

Something is definitly wrong. It doesn't send a set-cookie header. So maybe something in your php-setup?

What php version do you use?


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I like it alot. Keep it up!


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Supernova wrote:

Ja, men jeg finner det rett og slett ikke (jeg er dum).

Kanske lite.
Här: http://punbb.org/download/punbb-1.2.6.zip


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Have you tried clearing cookies?

That would be very usefull.


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wow i realy like it, ive been planing to do the same thing with my site.

If that problem becomes an issue we could use the hex-decimal system ie 1.2.a, 1.2.b ...


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Post deleted.

Please don't do that here. If you have anything to report, please contact me. /Rickard

shinko_metsuo: Thank you!
Paul: Thank you very much!

About the font-size. How is it supposed to be? I tried to compare my CSS:s with originals but couldn't find the problem.

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

I'm new to CSS and I didn't know that you could do that kind of selectors.

Do anyone know howto center the punbb manu?


I'm trying to set the border between main-menu and punbb-menu to 1px width. Any idea how to do it?

I'm using display:none on #brdtitle.
It seems that the h1 border is showing in dispite of display:none.

Check that the clock on dev machine is in sync with your workstation. If they differ more than a year that can cause the cookie to time out immidiatly.

I'm trying to debug. It's kindda hard to reproduce though. I think it has something to do with multiple users using the same comp.

I have the same problem. Cleaning cookies work, but the after awhile the problem comes back. I'm thinking this might have something to do with it (since this first appeard in 1.2):

PunBB no longer sets a new cookie for every page view. Since PunBB doesn't
store last visit/last action data in the cookie anymore (since 1.1), there
is no need to set a new cookie with username and password hash on every
page view. This means a few bytes less traffic between the webserver and
the client. The downside of this is that users will have to re-login when
the cookie expires after a year. Not a big deal though.


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arrghh my punbb outputs empty statistics box in admin_index.php. After upgrading to 1.2.1
sad sad sad

EDIT: ok found the problem. Seems lika Ad Muncher muched a little too much.


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Has the standard features of an extended text-editor but this one is completely free. I use it all the time.


I see.