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A URI includes both locators (URL) and names (URN).

IN style/Oxygen.css FIND (line 142)

#brdmenu LI, DIV.rbox INPUT, DIV.blockform P INPUT  {MARGIN-RIGHT: 12px}


#brdmenu LI, DIV.rbox INPUT, DIV.blockform P INPUT  {MARGIN-LEFT: 12px}

That fixes the alignment.

Hey, krko. Welcome to the forums.

IN style/imports/base.css FIND (line 175)

DIV.postleft, DIV.postfootleft {
    WIDTH: 18em;
    OVERFLOW: hidden;
    POSITION: relative;
DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {


DIV.postleft, DIV.postfootleft {
    WIDTH: 18em;
    OVERFLOW: hidden;
    POSITION: relative;
DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {

IN style/imports/Oxygen_cs.css FIND (line 42)

DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {BORDER-RIGHT-COLOR: #f1f1f1}


DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {BORDER-LEFT-COLOR: #f1f1f1}

That should do it. Tell me if you have any problems. smile


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At least these:

- Polls
- Private messages
- OpenID support
- Approval of new posts / topics
- Localized fancy URL schemes
- External login extension
- Anti-spam extension(s)

Only the devs can confirm if they're still going to make these though.


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Hello 1tontoy, and welcome to the forums. smile

You might want to check out the video tutorials. They show the most of basic stuff about installing and using the software.


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Vovochka wrote:

I'm afraid that soon we'll have paid official extensions & support.

There's no worry about extensions going proprietary, in my opinion.

As far as I understand, proprietary extensions are not possible according to the GPL. If an extension imports any PunBB functionality, it must be released under GPL or compatible license, according to FSF. Anyone remember the infamous Joomla SMF bridge?

These are the icons from the style/Oxygen directory. I used the following programs and parameters:

optipng -o7 file.png
advdef -z4 file.png
pngout /ks file.png
deflopt file.png

Here are the results:


blue.png        430  313  73%
crumb.png       391  261  67%
error.png       456  322  71%
feed.png        731  548  75%
help.png        474  333  70%
helpdark.png    758  646  85%
info.png        669  488  73%
searchicon.png  605  450  74%
star.png        347  237  68%
status.png      205   95  46%

Sizes are in bytes.

Here are the optimized files in a zip archive (contains the images in a separate directory).

Download: img.zip [5,170 bytes]

I know the styles aren't done but in case you want to optimize the final images, you can get the programs here:

optipng: http://optipng.sourceforge.net/
advdef: http://advancemame.sourceforge.net/doc-advdef.html
pngout: http://advsys.net/ken/utils.htm
deflopt: http://walbeehm.com/download/


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From the bottom of the page, move the <script> tags to inside <head>.

Works fine for me.


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Looks okay to me. smile

In lang/admin.php, GZip should be gzip. (There are no studlycaps in gzip even though another forum software erroneusly uses them.)


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Paul wrote:

The text would be in the markup or the language file but the arrow is merely a background image so the argument is nonensene.

If you make a new red theme, you need to make a new arrow image because the one in the oxygen style is blue. It's a minor pain in the butt. Although that applies to all of the new style images.


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chuyskywalker wrote:

- source order -- I highly value the work that the devs do on Pun, but don't put the credit link in the header

Yes, and it already says "Powered by PunBB 1.3 Beta" at the bottom as well.

chuyskywalker wrote:

- The arrow between pages doesn't graphically make sense -- probably because it's the only non-text item on the page and it's got shading. I'd reduce it so a very simple, flat arrow that looks like text, ie: http://www.cw-chamber.co.uk/images/small_arrow.gif

Another "agree" here. I'd prefer it as text like it was before.

Jérémie wrote:

This is strictly a matter of international English one. When you localize your board, you can choose whatever is appropriate for your language, and your forum. For example, ? ? ? æ ? × «» ?? and non-breaking space will be extensively used in the French one, while I'm sure pretty different one will be used in the German, Russian, or Farsi one.

The problem is, it's difficult to implement if you want to do it properly. It requires a function that converts at least " " and ' ' to the quotes of your locale, e.g. ? ? and ? ?. It should make sure you can still write possessive forms properly, e.g. "Rickard?s" instead of converting it to "Rickard?s", and probably lots of other stuff as well. I've seen at least Wordpress and even some word processors do this wrong, for instance.

Either that or, don't convert the quotation marks at all. That means that the posts would have quotation marks inconsistent with the forum software. I think it would be overkill for minimalistic software like PunBB.

Jérémie wrote:

As for the international English default PunBB lang pack, I don't see why it would make the forum messy. Does it make books messy? Or cheap newspaper (which use both true, and false, typographic glyphs)?

I haven't seen any books nor newspapers that use both "this" and ?this? style interchangeably. neutral

I dislike the idea of "fancy" quotes... On Finnish boards for example, no one uses the real ?Finnish quotes?. It would make the board look messy with  "fancy" and "fugly" (for lack of better term tongue) quotes together. Or if you do it the way Rickard said, it would mean more lines of code for such a simple (and useless) thing. (To convert all "stuff" -> ?stuff?)

I say keep it simple. smile

qubertman wrote:

- "Enable GZIP:" - Change GZIP to GZip.

That should be gzip. The gzip homepage uses only the form gzip, although the file format specification headings use GZIP (but the everywhere else it's gzip). I don't think there's such thing as GZip, this is the first time I've seen that.

andresmh wrote:

If 1.3 is coming in the next month or so I think I should wait.

I highly doubt it. I suggest upgrading to 1.2.16 as soon as possible because of security vulnerabilities.


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I'm not really an Ubuntu user (I use Gentoo and FreeBSD), but having tried it before, I have to admit it's a nice OS. Like hcgtv already said, the forums and the wiki (and Google) are most likely everything you need to get started and solve any problems you might encounter.

Regarding editors, there are lots of great ones for GNOME and KDE (whichever desktop environment you prefer) and for the console. GNOME (Ubuntu's default desktop environment) comes with Gedit, that is a nice basic text/programming editor. Scribes is pretty nice, and if you're looking for an IDE, check out Anjuta. If you're planning to use your computer remotely via SSH, you'd probably find a console editor like Vim extremely useful. wink

Windows programs wouldn't run on Ubuntu, unless you use something like wine, but there are excellent alternatives. Take a look at Linux alternatives to Windows software.

For media centers, check out MythTV or GeeXboX. (There should be lots of tutorials available online.)

Also if and when you have problems, keep in mind that Linux is not Windows. smile

GPL allows you to distribute modified source files, but you need to make it clear that they are not the original files:

GNU General Public License, Section 2 wrote:

a)  You must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.

If the mod(s) are GPL-compatible, there shouldn't be a problem. If not, the GPL forbids distributing the modified sources, because it requires that the program as a whole (= PunBB + any mods you have added) must be distributed under the GPL:

GNU General Public License, Section 2 wrote:

b)  You must cause any work that you distribute or publish, that in whole or in part contains or is derived from the Program or any part thereof, to be licensed as a whole at no charge to all third parties under the terms of this License.

Of course, IANAL, so there might be something I've missed.

Dan_y2k wrote:

1: Makes ALL links in post, signatures, topics etc, to be opened in a separate windows.

This would probably require target="blah" which isn't standard in XHTML Strict AFAIK.

And my personal opinion (you can completely disregard this if you want :)): I hate it when a page opens in a new window. If I want to open a page in a new window, I press MMB or Ctrl+LMB. Ever since forum software started doing that, I've regarded it as a major usability issue; I click a link and BAM! It opens in a new window (not tab, window (although opening it in a new tab is just as bad)). So what I did was, copied the URL from the new window, closed it, opened a new tab into my browser, pasted the URL, then pressed Enter. What a waste of time. Fortunately the browsers nowadays have an option to disable this ugly and awkward behaviour.

But if you still want to do it despite the fact that it breaks your XHTML, it's probably not that hard to add that functionality manually:


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You might find this site useful: http://browsershots.org/ wink


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Ditto. The best way is to get a test board set up somewhere and play with it. You can also try putting the forum into maintenance mode and see what the different settings in the "Administration" page do before making the forum public, but with a test board you can be sure nothing important gets messed up*. PunBB is simple, you'll get the hang of it in no time. smile

* Or if something really does get messed up, you can always ask for help here at the forums. wink

Looks like this time it works. smile


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<pundir>/style/<themename>.css, around line 16:

.pun {FONT-SIZE: 11px; LINE-HEIGHT: normal}

And adjust FONT-SIZE.

You also might want to adjust this line for IE (around line 23) wink:

* HTML .pun {FONT-SIZE: 68.75%}