I agree with Paul.
I'm Russian, but not all of my friends (but most of them) who have this problem are Russian. It happens on all CSS styles, but only in 1.2 versions. Anyway, thanks for your attempt.

PunBB is still my favourite forum smile
I think that this topic can be closed ...

1. WinXP
2. ADSL (up to 1mbit/s)


SCREEN capture

In the bottom ...


Try this, maybe U'll see the problem in 9th - 11th topics.
Actually I know many ppl who have the same problem =/ ... especially, while entering forum.

I understand ... it appears from time to time ... dunno what is the reason of it.

I am using IE, but the same mistake appeared in Opera ....

While looking forum topics saw 2 topics linked together in the middle of the list ... after reload - everything is OK.
Saw this on many sites.

Hey, can I change version in this mod to make it work on 1.2.5 or it will be critical to the whole mod ?

Hm ... now it works fine. I just corrected manually query and it started working.
I think everything is OK with $cur_post['id']

Thx anyway smile

Yes, all of them ...
Maybe there is a problem with attach dir =/
But it is writeble and I put there 2 files.

They are there ! ... I checked ...
Can U advise me anything ?

Got this after installation of Attachment mod 2.0. So it appears when I try to view topics. So everything is down.

Checked viewtopic.php and attach folder again - everything is OK.
Have no idea what to do.

PS I upgraded all attached files to 2.0 version.

After updating got this when tried to open topics
" Unable to fetch if there were any attachments to the post. "

Checked veiwtopic and attachment folder - no result

Ok..thank U. I have 1.1.5

If I understand U correctly there are only "closed" and "moderators/administrators"

What should I do to make such a thing tha only registred users can read 1 forum, not ALL forums ?

The main difficulty was to put all that users in the same order ... cause in other case there is a post mixture. Got the information from the posts table.
Have wasted a lot of time smile

I have deleted 'users' table in DB. sad
How Can I fix the forum. Is it possible?
I need any advice !

And what parametres must have admin in db ?

As I understand people from one IP can vote only once(not each of them). There is no difference if they are from different computers or not. Am I right ?

Thanks. It works smile

No error-messages, just as you see.
In IE there are no radiobuttons - so user can see only results of vote/

How can I understand id in attach_rules ???
So what 'affected' should I enter if I don't want guests upload files ?

I've installed this poll1.2.8 on punbb1.1.5. In Opera everything is OK, but in IE nobody can vote =/
Here is the example.

Is there any versions of this mod which I can use with punbb 1.1.5 ?