On this upgrade, and the UTF-8 thing, read this excellent workaround.

On this upgrade, and the UTF-8 thing, read this excellent workaround.

your script stopped with error after each section, but i copied/pasted section by section and ran in phpmyadmin - took a while, but my, oh my!!!!
It worked wonders - THANK YOU.
Now - amazing that this solution is so difficult to find in the forums or the installation/upgrade instructions. How do we let everybody else know?

Utchin wrote:

na it hast to be done by code... thought it could be a little mod to have a button on each topic or even profile to sort the topics by last post or first post

I agree: Should be in profile/display, so each user can choose how to have the posts sorted. Is this coming to PunBB, or is it only a cumbersome mod?

made a new forum, standard installation
now works, at least for me to login/out


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made a new forum, standard installation
now works, at least for me to login/out


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Could it PoSsibly be this? I added in include/common.php
one line:

// Reverse the effect of register_globals
@include PUN_ROOT.'config.php';
@include PUN_ROOT.'counter.php';

The last one, cuz i have a counter at pun root...

could that brick the login thing?


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MattF wrote:

$cookie_path in the config file. You most likely have it set incorrectly.

Nope. Set the the same in all forums (see my signature).

$cookie_path = '/';

The installation is straight from the newest 1.2.17 zip.

yemgi wrote:

or modify the cookie setting so it works for *.yourdomain.com

How do i do that? And can I do it in myphpadmin? (since i cannot login)

I have the correct url, doublechecked in myphpadmin.
I have another forum in another folder, next to the one not even I, the admin, can log in to.

Logging in, gives short "Logged in" message, but when index.php shows, i am NOT logged in.
Have emptied both server and browser cache, restarted Apache to no avail.

GRRRRRRR - what to do next?


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Same here. For a while ppl had to login twice, especially ppl on Linux+Firefox.
But now I cannot even log in myself, into one of my FOUR forums. Nor anybody else.
1.2.17. I have deleted the cache-files.
I try both Safari and Firefox. The short screen says i am logged in, but when forum shows, i am still not logged in.

I have done nothing to the server otherwise. This is the strangest so far...


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Bottom footer "© Copyright 2002?2005 Rickard Andersson" should be 2007


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*  Beefed up the referrer check in admin/options.

What is this?


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SUPER-duper! All well here with 1.2.14 - JUST in time for all the attacks, and now they will be sooooooo upset, when they can't do their stupid injections! wink


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GOOD job, Rickard! Updated live with changed files only - as always: Works like a charm.


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Did the manual copying of files from .zip archive - works like a charm! THANK you. (No more manual editing for me - ha)

But (this happens quite a lot):
If user gives wrong pass to login, he clicks "forgotten password" and he does the email thing, often when clicking the activation link in the email, the user comes back as logged into the forum (he should get info that password is changed to the one in the email) - and the password is NOT changed, but he thinks so! So he uses the new one next time - and it is wrong.

I have changed pass manually as admin for quite a few ppl because of this - thats fine, but the flow of things should really work... It even happened to me when i mimicked a forgetful user's behaviour....



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Copied/pasted from diff html-page... o well, even copy/paste can fail, sometimes wink
Now, took "changed files"-archive, manually replaced files, works fine, even up to 1.2.12... but that's for a post in 1.2.12-thread...

THANKS again, for a FINE forum.


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OOOPS - first time problem:
Upgrade manually from 1.2.10->1.2.11 gives this when trying to register:

Parse error: parse error in /Volumes/nn1/nn2/forum/register.php on line 82

What did i do wrong??

Operating system: Darwin
PHP: 4.3.10 - Show info
Accelerator: N/A

MySQL 4.0.18
Rows: 74717
Size: 3.64 MB

Apache webserver

Permissions etc correct...)


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Smartys wrote:

Plus, a popular thing now seems to be mass requesting CAPTCHAs and using it as a DoS attack on the site (since it's so busy generating the CAPTCHAs, which take a lot of CPU)



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whew - must be my mouse... wink
thanks for checkin for me tho.


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right. whenever i DO see it, and then refresh the browser window - it is GONE (se picture above).
but often, when accessing the forum for the FIRST time, the forum NAME is simply not there.


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Ah, yea... well, guests cannot see the forums with a "?" in the name, so the only forum you can see as a guest is the one in question - you do see one without a "name", right? (cuz that one can be seen by guests)


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Yesterday, all of a sudden... one forum...
...simply does not show up, but it's there...

what gives?
Oh - forum is HERE
And first time you access it, the forum is there, but do a refresh... not there.
Tried renaming it etc - still the same.


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bedroom wrote:

Does this mean that as of 1.2.10 we will be now be unable to quote, say, Einstein for example, or a news article maybe, and put the quotation inside "quote" tags ?... or have I completely misunderstood what it is about ?

No. And this proves it:

Mary had a little lamb.


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updated two of my old ones today, one 1.1.5 - gah
the other 1.2.3
went JUST fine.
backup? nah, for sissies! wink