i humbly submit my final (?) contribution to what, in my opinion, is pertinant (i.e. "cutting the crap") info about why choosing a mac is a very "informed" and intelligent decision, both on a personal computing and server level:
- look in the mac section of the menu. Much in swedish, but translated in most places. Of course, it is not a mac-evangelizing web site, but just some thoughts gathered over time...

My apologies for the speed to my server. It is purely isp related, or rather file-sharer related, as our area in the woods is infested with them, constantly choking the net, forcing the isp to continually upgrade and ramp up the capacity of his network (subscribers get 2 MBit). I am in constant contact with him, reporting on network issues, and it seems that some peoples' prediction, that p2p will cause the downfall of the internet, is closer to reality than ever before wink At times when the file-sharers are inactive, the server is every bit as snappy as most others.

Bear in mind - i come from a printing and publishing background, and started on the www/server/php/dns/hosting/-journey only about a year+ ago, but since then, mac os x server has made all these tools and instruments easily available to even one such as ignorant myself:
- own domain and dns server ("the machinery that makes internet tick") [BIND]
- own mail server, for family and friends, virtually spam-free [Cyrus+Postfix+Mailman]
- four www-sites [Apache]
- web-redirection service for a number of ppl around the globe (www.gr8.se) [proprietary]
- web-dav and sftp server, used to host personal www-sites, shared calendars and file-storage
- quicktime streaming server (much like darwin streaming server)
- iTunes streaming to the rest of the puters (one pc, acting as a juke-box, hooked up to the stereo) in the house
- private kdx server
- AND, on this same machine i produce tv-quality dv movies in either iMovie or FinalCutPro, or run any other osx client app - at the same time, no reboot, no noticable delay for internet users, as QOS (Quality Of Service) prioritizes the internet services.
- all the other stuff the server can do, i do not have use for yet, but file-serving windows boxes among many other technologies, may come in handy one day...
- and this machine is a 6 year old box! (g4, 400 mhz), up-times of months, needing rebooting only after major os upgrades, later to be replaced with a faster one - by moving the boot disk to the new machine - done! - no reconfig or anything. (or possibly a one-click cloning to a new/bigger drive, or one with different interface, as the G5 has SerialATA)

THIS all, is what i call a system which can do a lot of useful stuff for me, from scratch, no additional software installed or bought - and it makes it impossible for me to boast about what I have accomplished, rather I can only "boast" about what this [Apple] system can do for me.

Would i have been able to have all this on a win-tel or *nix box. NO, not me! I fully and whole-heartedly respect the win-tel peoples' abilities, who manage to get most of this stuff working on their boxes. *hat OFF*


1. my very bad mistake to say 130000 had voted. still, 27000 is not a bad figure
2. in sweden especially, when polls about e.g. government/elections etc are made, random selection is the rule
3. i so agree on the poll thing - i referenced it only as an interesting counterweight, as i did other statistical info - but truly; polls/statistics are difficult things and to me, not important, at the most interesting.
4. i love mac because of how much useful stuff it can do for me, while i can see how rewarding it can be to get the PC to do something useful. THATs the main difference, imho, between the two platforms. So, each to his own, there, i guess wink

Frank H wrote:

lol, the poll image you refeered to says 24'366 votes, where on earth did you find 130'000? big_smile

the site had 130.000 members, at the point in time when i took the screenshot. today they have 150.000+. When i recheck that particular poll, it reads:

27.000 votes (out of 150.000 members on that site)
8% mac
8% linux
1% others
rest is windows

i love, in order of importance (to me):
1. wife
2. kids
3. mac

i hate, in order of importance (to me):
1. lies/deception/dishonesty
2. things that don't work
3. pc

have a good life. stay with punBB. wink

edit: whichever way you look at it objectively, it is a very interesting phenomena, what goes on in a mac-persons mind...
small example: just have a look at this - and that is just an opening of a store - did anything like this happen when microsoft released XP/2k/etc...? will it happen when "longhorn" is released, if ever...?


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more info would be appreciated....

First - i am sorry if i have sounded like a mac-warrior in this topic. i am not.
Then - whether mac has 3% or 10% of the installed puter base, is something i have no feelings or opinions about really. Win-base having 90-97% doesn't make it better, nor does 3-10% mac-base make it any better or worse. The only reason i talk about it, is that there seems to be an erroneous "trend" in pointing out a supposed scarcity of macs, as I prefer accuracy over generalisations and public opinion, just like you express, too.

Also - since you did request for statistics to back up my statements, which i respect, here is my backup (not to be taken as furthering any argument, but only to show the facts behind the statements):

Concerning security issues on mac and the reference to http://www.securemac.com :
- Plz note the dates of the, in fact, non-issues: Old, few, and far in between, and all "corrected" by os updates, and none exploited. The one attempt made was to prove he could make one, and that one was still not a virus, but a masquerading application which took a double-click to activate.

Concerning the os poll from the torrent-site: 130.000 ppl answering a poll is considered quite meaningful in the world of statistics. Most statistical surveys are done by asking only 1000 ppl or so.

mi wrote:

In education, some say Mac holds around 1/3 of the installed computer base, but those are mainly US figures.

The people i was referring to are here: http://www.macobserver.com/article/2002/11/18.15.shtml (nov 2002)

mi wrote:

...except when running iTunes, maybe

i will never mention iTunes on windows again here wink

The Google reference you quote Here has 5% as "Others", 1% Linux, and 3% Mac. Would all "other" os'es outnumber both Mac+Linux together? Obviously no, so those statistics are misleading. I read an article here which corrects the statistical error, and estimates Mac 6%, Linux 2%, and Others 1% - which then makes sense.

mi wrote:

But a rough estimate from ppl (incl. Google) range from a total of 10-15% of all the running computers in the world, including those in the educational sector.

The Google corrected 6% plus the educational sector... 10-15% would not be a bad estimate.

Hopefully, i have not caused any heated emotions by all this, i do want to reply to questions, but mainly, i like things the way they are, independent of percentages wink I am not trying to convert, i only recommend from my own experience.

Rickard wrote:

6-10%? Make that 1-2%. Please not that I'm not saying this is good in any way.

That was the market share of only Q3 2004. The installed user base, as user polls and e.g. Google's browser-checks show, is more like 10%.
I got this interesting operating systems poll, from a bit-torrent site which has 130.000 registered users. Remember that the torrent world was first developed as a PC thing.
In education, some say Mac holds around 1/3 of the installed computer base, but those are mainly US figures. But a rough estimate from ppl (incl. Google) range from a total of 10-15% of all the running computers in the world, including those in the educational sector.
I say this is a good thing, that Mac only has 10%! It's like BMW and Mercedes... I might get a cheaper car in a Vaz/Lada/Fiat - but i will then have to put up with having to turn on the blinkers to be able to open the trunk, roll down a window to adjust the seat, leave the key in the door to open the sun-roof...etc, if you follow my analogy wink
I am not really a PC/Mac-war soldier. I just love my Mac. And loathe every minute of having to sit by a PC...except when running iTunes, maybe wink And I do heartily recommend Macs any day, for personal fun AND professional server stuff. You just get more things done with more ease and tons of more fun - virus-free. 10% versus 90% - fine, if 50/50 we'd see a lot more problems with Mac.

Rickard wrote:

I agree with most of what you said, but the part about there not being any known viruses is just wrong. Apple release security updates all the time to prevent the spread of virus, trojans and other malware. Just have a look at http://www.securemac.com/

1. There are security issues with mac osx, as with any os. (Thus, a need for www.securemac.com) But:
2. There are zero viruses made for Mac per se. (Some macro-viruses in microsoft products (Word, Excel) exist and affect Mac, too, but those are made on PCs, no doubt.)
3. In practical life, pragmatically speaking, in my own, and every mac-friend's i have - When using a mac, there is never the need for firewall, anti-virus soft, nor any such security measures.
4. There have been no successful attacks on personal macs, nor any osx servers, save TWO, which were carried out after a reward was announced for a successful hack. In both those cases, the security hole was due to an incorrectly configured Lasso web-application, and long before os X.
5. The main reason why mac-life is virus-free, could be because the installed base is between 6-10% of all puters. Simply not enough interest from hackers to begin to understand such a small base.
6. The main reason so many (100's of thousands?) viruses exist on the PC, is the combination of a/large base and b/the sheer, obvious, ridiculous and seemingly purposedly ill-programmed os.

I could go on and on - but then this Topic could get too big wink

If this means anything, and hope you take it the right way...(its a compliment!) ::::
PunBB compared to the rest of the BB's out there...in a way it's like comparing Macs to PCs - PunBB is minimalistic but 100% functional, clean, lean, and fast - the other BBs...well you know wink

(side-note: i had a long conversation with a microsoft network engineer [who has taken every certificate issued by m¢] about why windows os is so insecure and such a patchy jiq-saw-puzzle which no-one percieves the full picture of. He said in plain Swedish: "It's because they want it this way, as it a/enprisons companies using windows to where they feel there's no way out and b/it creates JOBS, both for m¢ and the millions of consultants and companies needed for support of their products.)

Cubase and other huge sound/audio apps for osx now work flawlessly. It is still the platform of choice for the majority of the audio and music community. The incorporation of the new AudioUnits etc has helped. The FREE application, preinstalled on every new mac, GarageBand, is an app unprecedented in the combination ease of use/professional results, and for anyone with a mild interest in producing his/her own music, i highly recommend a trial at an Apple retailer close to you wink - a weekend leisurly browse thru www.apple.com/ilife/ will show you - not advertising hype - but the actual real life possibilities with a mac as a box which simplifies all areas of our modern digital lives. On the server side of things, www.apple.com/server/macosx/ is too - no advertising hype - but real and top notch server stuff which even i myself can install, run, and maintain, from www-server to mySql, PHP, DNS Server, etc - without so much as one hour in training, not one hang/restart ever, hardly any command-line configging, and most importantly; not ONE problem with virus or attacks of any kind, in spite of no firewall, no anti-virus....etc.


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Alla säger med en röst: "Snart!" wink

on mac, there's the automatic application update. it checks for updates, invites you to check if you want/need them, checkbox the ones you want, usually no restart, but simetimes one is needed.

sounds like win-update?

"sounds", yes - but a huge NO. Apple...
1. ...informs you very well what is updated and WHY
2. ...includes a thank you to the ppl finding problems/bugs/security issues
3. ...makes the updates small! updating can replace some code in otherwise big packages, so even modem ppl can often do the updates
4. ...makes your box run better after every update, and most the time faster and smoother
5. ...often includes ground-breaking new features which makes life easier - and as a mac is pre-loaded with the coolest apps from the start, this is welcome.
6. ...does not require you to do the updates! As there are NO known viruses for mac os x, nor its apps, no worries!

1-6...sound like windows-update? NO! remember xp sp2 ???

Want a virus- and crash-free smooth life at the puter, one which a techie AND grandma can run with deepest tech-joy AND ease, side-by-side (as user switching really works on osx) - ? - well, get yourself a (new) mac!

now, go jump on me for being so "bold" wink


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well, i already got one - too simple maybe, but minimalistic - ha.

check at www.tetis.gr8.se/chat/ if you like
not protected, as ppl dont know its there wink

In the forum, a link in punBB nav-bar, only visible for members/admin, opens a new window with it.

the one you had, connor, nice, but the .js did not load on my box...=(
the flash one, was too ugly, and to edit flash is too much work wink

odd indeed!
using good'ol dreamweaver and never happened before...edited a good number of php files, i have...


after the very last "parenthesis", it added the funny character... just so you know you were right wink

edit: works like a charm now, editing in other text editor - got much into right place now on navigation-line - again: THANK you for unparallelled support!

Editing functions.php in any way whatsoever gives error:
"cannot change headers, headers already sent from ...." etc.

I wanted to add a link inside the area after check if a member or not, so as to have link only visible if you are a member. But even just touching the file, removing a totally empty line...gives the error...

I cleaned browser cache, restarted browser, etc - nothing helped .... what gives?

(oh, i am still on 1.1.5)

edit: only remedy was to copy a fresh functions.php from local disk... undoing and resaving any change still gave the error.


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Connorhd wrote:

yes there will be a chat mod in 1.2 but it won't be installed by default

So - what does this mean then...?
- made by Rickard?
- made by someone else in conjunction and with tasteful integration (as so is not zz-flash-chat) ?

bli ambassadör
minst 200 meg www-utrymme


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bli ambassadör
minst 200 meg www-utrymme


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I am very dense, searcing and testing many things at once... wink
But i do know someone in one of these fora tried/demo'd v1.2dev, and on his site, there was a Chat in menu, i did go into that chat, and there it was. Sure looked like a local one. Maybe it was a "shoutbox" by definition, but it was lean, clean, and updated at intervals (which is not too pretty, but still, its ok, to me).
Only problem is - i cannot for the world remember where it was :x
Anyone remember/seen?


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But oh dear, its apparently a client for irc-chat, which requires connection to irc network...way too complicated for me, i will satisfy with a "local" chat, as will probably be the case in PunBB 1.2.


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Azakur4 wrote:

you can integrated the pjirc in punbb 1.1.5 :$
i have my chat in my forums :$

what is "pjirc"?
where is your forum?


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sweet - then i will stop hunting for all-bells-and-whistles-chat-module.php - as i trust the PunBB chat module will be lean and minimalistic!


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I searched for it here, but did not find.
I did see Chat as a menu thing in an alpha/beta 1.2 PunBB.
- is chat comin in 1.2?
- anyone else have a nice integratable chat module for 1.1.5?
(Users on my forum requested it...)


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Connorhd wrote:

ok, i need to buy a domain (unless someone feels like donating one) any suggestions... what about <yourname>.mypunbb.com

You can have one at <whatever>.gr8.se if you like.
Best: host it yourself or somewhere else.
Second best: you can have your webspace on my puter - but a/ i do have occational isp-problems and only 2 mbit, and b/you need on pc; a sftp-client or a mac, with wich it works very well. Why sftp? Security. If you do have a sftp client, no problem.

so - if you wanna see how it all works, and you know swedish (?) - go to www.gr8.se and check it out, then mess me here or by mail, and i will set you up.

NO - who do you think i am? wink
and, as i said, it happened allofasudden, not after my editing...

i know one thing too:
you guys are NOT corrupted, and i am very greatful!
corrupted lines and bre
aks - not so goo

Corrupted space - sure could do without THAT! wink  - not to mention all the corrupted characters IN space!!!