I uploaded the "original" new_reply.tpl
That did it - thank you!
But - i still wonder why?
I opened it in a text editor - saw no difference, except for the changes i had deliberately made (i exchanged the word "tråd" to "inlägg" - sorry you english folks, swedish is my lingo)
AND - even tho i had changed that word, it worked for a long time...but now, allofasudden...like i said above.
So...one wonders why...?

Yes, all of a sudden, when you have subscribed to a topic, then someone answers, the full e-mail message
("Answer to topic: [topic name] - [name of poster] has replied to the topic [name] . .. ." etc)
appears in the Subject line of the e-mail.

I didn't do anything! wink - it just started, all by itself...anybody know why?? how can i correct it?

(the message body of the e-mail is still there and correct)


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Frames... jag gillar verkligen frames, i tanke.
Men, det finns många anledningar till att sluta med dem, tyvärr.
- en anledning har du själv märkt
- en annan är att sökmotorerna inte gillar dem

när jag gjorde en ny sajt nyss (www.tetis.gr8.se), gjorde jag enbart tables - och när man fick kläm på det, var det inte alls dumt. punBB är oxo bara tables... och det är ju störtsnyggt.

Angående frames, mm, på skräpiga passagen, skrev jag ett annat meddelande till dig om hur du kan lösa det... wink



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peeoo wrote:

Sedan Asp kan kanske vara bra men jag har ingen aning om vad det är?

Active Server Pages - microshits system. usch. bättre med php, som är enkelt att fatta/programmera i, snabbt, och gratis, med mycket vänliga support-sajter.

peeoo wrote:

Vidare undrar jag kan man bara köpa ett domännamn och använda t.ex. passagen som webbhotell så som man kan göra med dot.tk??

Domännamn köpte jag hos www.ballou.se - billigt, snabbt och enkelt.

Men DU! - jag ska ge dig en gratisgrej, här och nu:

www.gr8.se har jag en liten tjänst som väntar på att bli marknadsförd nån gång, men du är välkommen till ett gratis-namn - [vadsomhelst].gr8.se - som pekar på din sajt som du har nu - MEN: du slipper passagens tråkiga adress, deras frame högst upp mm, du kan göra dina egna meta-taggar för robotarna mm. Kolla runt lite på gr8.se, meddela mig sen vad du vill ha för namn så är det gjort på ett kick.

Mark all forums as read works well.
What if i would like that option on the topic level?
(If many fora unread, and many topics in each forum, one may not have the time to read all new stuff in one sitting, thus, nice to be able to make all topics as read within a forum. Also, if i see many new replies to many topics, but i already know that they do not interest me, i would like to make the topics as read)

love punBB!


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Gary13579 wrote:
mi wrote:

oh. it runs on mac os x server 10.3.5, fyi.

that explains why its so slow big_smile

The last three weeks half of Sweden has had internet problems generally, and my isp in particular...it is STILL so intermittently weird - maybe it all happened after i installed punBB...;)

whew! smile
coppermine research continued.

hey folks...i am contemplating an image gallery for my forum
seemed coppermine would be good choice, also seeing they/you provide a bridge for login stuff, nice.

but - i would apreciate your comments on...others' comments on e.g. security issues.
read these: http://www.hotscripts.com/review/26670.html

sounds very bad, no?

Rickard wrote:

Why anyone would ever want to run Windows or MacOS X on a server is beyond me though.

I am running MacOS X _Server_. Different from Client, in tons of ways, although one can hardly tell. The underpinnings and a few GUIs are made with all opensource *nix stuff, and makes for a 100% stable server with most excellent services in one box. The GUIs are used 99-100% of the time, even the DNS server settings. Some very few obscure things need changing of text config files, if you have needs beyond standard installations.
-dns server
-quicktime streaming server
-apple and windows file server with rendevous
-ftp server
-etc etc - i run most everything on it.
i think its a 1000 dolares, unlimitet users, no further outlay for anything, ever

funny thing about it is, that you run EVERY regular mac osx client software on it! so i edit dv-video in final cut pro, all the way to authoring and burning excellent dvd-s ready for any dvd player. but main thing - i have _never_ needed to restart the box! ALL just runs, and all is configurable remotely. one old term comes to mind for it: Turnkey solution. For the younger ones, that means "Turn the key" (to turn it on, like old IBM/Compaq/HP servers) - "then throw the key away" wink

really like your tag-line wink


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looking forward to 1.2!
hopefully all mods one has already made, will not be in vain wink
not to stress or hold you to it; but about when is 1.2 scheduled to be released?


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Jansson wrote:

PunBB++ comes with alot more functions for the beginning. The Alpha also comes with a lot more bugs though tongue

hmmm....i cant see it at punBB resource site...
3 questions:
where is the release of it?
who made it?
will it be fine when punBB 1.2 comes out?



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JUST what i wanted
small, fast, light, minimalistic wink
you see my sites in my signature...welcome to a look!
(in swedish, it is, ya)
oh. it runs on mac os x server 10.3.5, fyi.


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jag fick dit en KNAPP till o me...störtsnyggt tycker jag...kolla min signatur...segelbåt

Deron wrote:

Skulle man kunna ha en funktion så att man slå ihop eller Splitta trådar. Vore också användbart om man kunde flytta ett inlägg till en annan tråd...
Edit: Kom på en annan fråga. Hur länge ligger hänvisningen till att en tråd har blivit flyttat kvar?

Blir nog att klippa o klistra, tror jag. wink
Hänvisningen ligger alltid kvar som jag ser det.

Sounds excellent - anywhere we can see a demo of this?