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Ok, j'ai posté ma demande de recrutement. wink


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I have a question to Rickard:

What's the utility of $lang_register['Pass info 2'] in lang/.../register.php ?

It isn't in a file! big_smile


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Firefox 1.0PR to see the web in all its beauty.

IE 6 for testing the "shit" (sorry but I have only this word in english to say "daube") which it makes with the CSS.


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Répare tes tables et si ça ne fonctionne pas, réinstalle PunBB.

Pour centrer, tu dois mettre dans ta feuille de style CSS : text-align:center dans le body, text-align:left et margin:auto dans TABLE.punmain, TABLE.punplain et TABLE.punspacer. smile


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Pour faire que les utilisateurs ne peuvent pas changer de style, tu n'as qu'a en mettre qu'un dans style/.

Pour changer le style de tous les utilisateurs, lance cet commande dans phpMyAdmin :

UPDATE `users` SET `style` = 'ton_style' ;

Pour la taille du forum, change le width dans la feuille de style CSS dans TABLE.punmain, TABLE.punplain et TABLE.punspacer.

Je ne comprends pas ta troisième question ?!?


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Thank you very much, but I want the translation which is understood best, not to make a book like Prust. big_smile

It's a big debate which to have to choose between a word purely French-speaking or drawn from English.

I must as say as your link is very good.


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Rickard must replace :

if ($num_users > 0)

By :

if (@$num_users > 0)

Edit: To be valid with E_ALL.


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La préfèrence dans le panneau d'admin est celle pour les Guest (Invités) et  c'est celle qui est mise par défaut à l'inscription. Pour changer le style dans ton compte, clique sur Profil.

Pour les styles :


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abclf wrote:

About the french translation, indeed, it's and old version, pretty done (but I would have prefer courriel instead of e-mail : it's a french translation, isn't it ?), but not complete at this time for 1.1.5.
I don't know if someone is working on it ?

For "courriel", I think many people understand "e-mail". It's like "newsletter" and "infolettre", "newsletter" is more known.

And for the french translation, I work on it and I think that all the people who want it can work above.


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For the smilies in 1.2, the smile and the wink are very deformed.

I created a version not deformed and (I find) more beautiful :

http://img92.exs.cx/img92/7567/smile.png, http://img92.exs.cx/img92/6858/wink.png


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I have already make the beginning of the translation for PunBB 1.2 (I think that there are not many differences in the final compared to the dev).

Certain translation are not very right, I corrected them. smile


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Yes but what's the address of Mata Jean-Paul and Denis Labat ?

I'd like to continue the french translation.


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Is the french translation made by Xiutecutli ? I think that yes but I'm not sure.

Now, there is a big confusion in my spirit. lol big_smile


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Good ! You make a fantastic forum ! smile

I want to help you. Why not I make the french traduction with Xiutecutli ?


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Yes, I think it's possible with this code :

$pun_root = './';
require $pun_root.'include/common.php';

$username = $_GET['username'];
$show_group = -1;
$sort_by = 'username';
$sort_dir = 'ASC';

// Create any SQL for the WHERE clause
$where_sql = array();
$like_command = ($db_type == 'pgsql') ? 'ILIKE' : 'LIKE';

if ($username != '')
    $where_sql[] = 'username '.$like_command.' \''.$db->escape(str_replace('*', '%', $username)).'\'';
if ($show_group > -1)
    $where_sql[] = ($show_group == 0) ? 'status<1' : 'status='.$show_group;

$start_from = 0;

// Grab the users
$result = $db->query('SELECT id, username FROM '.$db->prefix.'users WHERE id>1'.(!empty($where_sql) ? ' AND 
'.implode(' AND ', $where_sql) : '').' ORDER BY 
'.$sort_by.' '.$sort_dir.' LIMIT '.$start_from.', 50') or error('Unable to fetch user list', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

$user_data = $db->fetch_assoc($result);

echo '<a href="profile.php?id='.$user_data['id'].'">'.pun_htmlspecialchars($user_data['username']).'</a>';

( For test this code, place him in script_name.php and go to script_name.php?username=I_want_this_username. )

But it use a lot of DB queries. I don't know how to make lighter. sad

Why not in PunBB 1.2 ? big_smile


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Good idea, lol ! And for the last poster ?


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Hello, (sorry for my bad english, I speak french)

Can you create a link on the username to the profile of the user ?
- At the left of "Logged in as".
- At the bottom of date of the last post by...

Sorry, I did not make a research, I don't know the terms in english.

That's possible ? It's very useful to go fast to the profile. big_smile