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Thanks for you'r help, it works great!
Well the boarder was actually these lines I was fancing on:

I didn't saw these lines on my PC(due to monitor) and just noticed them on my laptop.
My next question would be:
How do I change the color of these lines?

Fixed it. Just searched around somewhere in Oxygen_cs.css..



(2 replies, posted in PunBB 1.3 additions)

im new to all this web-stuff. I only know programming languages such as C++ or C and dont know much about css.
So here is my question:
Have a look at this picture:
I was editing the Oxygen_cs.css file successfully in order to change a few colors.
But is it also possible to make a boarder around the blue and dark-blue fields?
In addition to that I also don't know where I could find the code to make the size h(See picture) higher.. I would like to have a little space between each forums.

Thats actually everything I would like to change.
So if anybody could help me out, this would be cool  big_smile

Thanks in advance