Well, I added online.idle as a TINYINT(1) and that got me through that one.

Now I've got a new one.

File: /home/pennypac/public_html/bb/viewforum.php
Line: 42

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch forum info

Database reported: Unknown column 'f.sort_by' in 'field list' (Errno: 1054)

I'll start poking around again.

I followed the instructions for updating to 1.2, changing yahoo and aim, adding the o_regs_report field to the config, ensuring the o_default_user_group was there and set to 4, I replaced all the php, and cleared the php scripts from the cache directory.

Yet, I get errors.  Well, one error right now, hopefully there won't be others behind it.  I enabled debug, and this is what I get:


File: /bb/include/functions.php
Line: 45

PunBB reported: Unable to fetch user information

Database reported: Unknown column 'o.idle' in 'field list' (Errno: 1054)

Any ideas on getting over this hump?

I'd like very much if a class were added to alternating <tr> tags in the tables in version 1.2  a simple .odd and .even would do it, and it would open more possibilities when it comes to creating styles.

e.g. on the forum index, beneath the categories.  Announcements, Bug Reports, Feature Requests, etc.  also on the view thread page if each post were contained in .even and .odd it would be a great boon.

I hope it's feasible, and I'd love to see it implemented!  Thanks!

Keen forum software, btw!  Two thumbs up!