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Is that just a bunch of ADs ?


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I second Rickard on this one.


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I'm against it, this is a Google problem, not a XHTML one. If we need to change our XHTML each time someone find a new way to improve its ranking in Google, we will bloat all our websites, and in this case, PunBB.

And three more reasons:
- moderators usually remove those posts
- legit users with legit links won't be used in the Google database anymore
- forums where you need to register before posting aren't concerned and that's the majority

And I might add this has nothing to do with ImageShack, I just took ImageShack to quickly upload a picture and illustrate the bug, it happens with any picture.


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Well the point of these buttons is to link them to their respective validators wink
XHTML: http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=referer
CSS: http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/check/referer

You didn't understand my problem. When I preview my post, the img tag isn't parsed and no image is displayed in the preview, this has nothing to do with my browser.

The bug is still in.


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Bah, on est pas bien ici ?
Eclater la communaute ne va pas l'aider AMHA.


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Ju wrote:

Qqn peut m'expliquer l'intérêt de la graisse sur l'entitée de liaison ?

M'en parle pas, y a des fois, je préfère ignorer ce qu'il se dit wink

Smartys wrote:

Erm, try clicking on the stuff to the right of the image



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Jérémie wrote:

Intéressante technique de fausse transparence, mais en effet même un IE récent n'aime pas (il n'aime pas la fixation de certains éléments si ma mémoire est bonne).

It's ugly but readable under IE: perfect cool

I'll bring you my SQL queries tonight, oppo.

Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

are you using firefox? if so make sure you don't have the box checked next to "for originating website only" under "load images" in the "web features" options tab. if this isn't it then all i can say is it works for me.


kiplantt wrote:

It work if you use :
[ img ] and [/ img ]

But not if you use :
[ IMG ] and [/ IMG ]

Thanks for finding the real but (if it's one) wink

Sorry if it's been submitted/fixed already.

On my 1.2 PunBB forums (one english, one french), when I preview a post containing a linked img tage, the preview doesn't parse it (it shows the bb code, and don't inline the image)

Here's an example: http://img23.exs.cx/img23/4251/outrun2052xc.th.jpg

When the previewed post is submitted, everything is fine.

ps: the problem is happening here too wink
ps2: the preview is working fine (inline img) while I'm editing this post



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Katsumi_ wrote:

Merci beaucoup pour ton aide , sais tu comment je pourrais ajouter des liens sur l'image du header j'ai des zones à activer du type <map ></map>

D'après moi c'est dans le fichier include/template/main.tpl dans le <div id="brdheader" /> mais je n'ai pas essayé neutral


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Non, encore désolé, enleve tes modifs et mets ca a la place:

.pun {width: 500px; margin: auto}

Voila big_smile


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Bah si tu vx faire tout le forum de la même taille centré, il te faut remplacer ce que je t'ai dis par:

#punviewforum {width: 500px; margin: auto}

Si tu veux mettre des tailles différentes à chaque block, il te faut regarder le id ou la classe correspondante dans le source XHTML et modifier le CSS de cet id/classe.


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Katsumi_ wrote:

ça ne fonctionne pas malheureusement, le tableau est tjs au format de l'écran et le header centré à gauche.

Dans le fichier style/TonStyle.css tu ajoute dans la section 4.2 Special settings for the board header.:

#brdheader DIV.box {width: 500px; margin: auto}

Avec cet exemple le paramètre width spécifie la largeur et le paramètre margin: auto va centrer ton header.
Idem pour les autres blocks. Tu n'as besoin de modifier que les feuilles de styles pour ce genre de modifs, jamais les pages de code php.

ps: es-tu la Katsumi que le gros vicieux que je suis connais ? cool


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Potrokh wrote:

Analogue, I looked at his post in Russian, he's basically asking how you made the forum info show on the front page. I assume you used Rickard's news plugin, correct? I'll let him know.

Well no, I'm grabbing the data from the database itself using SQL, same goes for the users. I can give you the queries if you want, but they are specific to my forum (one forum category = news posts and one user group = the members listed)

Nice integration, seems like it was made for it big_smile


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Jérémie wrote:

I like OVH better. It's cheaper, but you have cronjobs, python, perl, system and bash exec via PHP or another, 5 (five) incremental backup accessible juste by ftp, 2 incremental backup of MySQL, even compiled C; and they have several thousands clients (so the backbones, routing, clusters and so on are really strong).

OVH has traffic limitations, and worse, if your page do more than ~50k hits (it's not that much, with a page with lot of diff gfx) a day, it's put on a halt hmm
OVH is cool for dedicated servers though, but that's not the subject big_smile


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Connorhd wrote:

yeh lol the transparency makes it kinda strange, but good strange

Are you using a decent browser ? (Firefox, Safari, ...) because I know there are issues with IE (surprise !)

oppo wrote:

Write the code of,êàê to destroy information of  of forum on a site..
As you did on the site.
I want to pass on puBB but I have little information.
Now  at me am minibb
Site: of www.olan-tex.com.ua

What do you mean ? I can't understand you, sorry sad


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Editplus is a winner under Windows. Cheap, fast, stable, and FTP editing cool


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Rickard wrote:

Benny: He doesn't spam. He actually helps people.

Gizzmo: Nothing special. I do the following at the top of all pages:

define('PUN_TURN_OFF_MAINT', 1);
define('PUN_QUIET_VISIT', 1);
define('PUN_ROOT', './forums/');
require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';

And then the rest is more or less static. I use the news plugin for the news.

Interesting, what does PUN_TURN_OFF_MAINT and PUN_QUIET_VISIT' do actually ?


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Here we go: http://www.bakec.com/

The forum is kinda unmodified for now, I'm just building some pages (News, Members) by using the data provided by the forum database. Thanks for the great documentation, especially the part describing the DB tables big_smile


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If you are french, I recommend you Online because there is no transfer limit and it's kinda cheap (30EUR/year for 100MB).