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Ludo wrote:

In french it gives something like that:

"la fonction php a été dans l'incapacité d'enregistrer le fichier telechargé dans un emplacement temporaire"

It's so rare I can help you... wink


This french sounds a little odd and miss some accents, IMO it would be better with :

PHP n'a pas pu sauvegarder le fichier envoyé dans un répertoire temporaire

Strange thing, I installed it under WindowsUpdate yesterday (it's in my installation history) but I can't find it anywhere on my system hmm


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Rickard wrote:

I'm sorry, but it'll be in English. Maybe for 1.3 smile

You are sooooo lazy big_smile


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That's cool dude


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Yep, I see 2 options here :
- stripping BBCode like you said (HTML in mail = bad)
- only send the link to the post, removing the option to see the reply in the mail


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Bwongar.com wrote:

I'd like to propose integration of a PHP tag.

This is not a feature I'd like to see in the official PunBB. Why PHP and why not Perl, Ruby, C, ... ?

<code> is enough, use/create a mod if you want more.


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Flawless upgrade for my forum. Good job big_smile


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Here are the hits of one of myu websites since 1/1/2005 :

MS Internet Explorer 1230758 49.5 %
Firefox 730096 29.3 %
Opera 315549 12.6 %

And for 1/1/2004 :

MS Internet Explorer 7627796 76.5 %
Firebird (Old Firefox) 704457 7 %
Opera 676456 6.7 %
Mozilla 586952 5.8 %

Almost -40% in one year on a website with 100k visitors/month


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I'm amazed at how cool Gmail is. I now use it for my main 7-years-spammed mail address, and the day I joined, the antispam was right for about 90% of the mails.

And I'm not even talking about the free POP/SMTP servers.


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Right, until you switch to UTF-8 or 16, it's better to use entities: yoiu won't have to wait for a translator big_smile


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Rickard wrote:

I decided to completely disable HTML posting in an earlier version (1.1.0 I think) due to the inherent security risks that it brings. I know some other forums allow it, but I really don't see the point. If people want to "style" their posts, they can use BBCode.

Good choice again, what's the point of having the 2 really ?

Paul wrote:

It is also confusing to new users to the internet. Think of them sitting there with IE maximised. The new window opens over the old one. They then start pulling their hair out out in frustration wondering why the back button is not working.

Right, one more reason why _blank sucks. It makes the fullscreen mode of the browsers useless.

Here's a blog with someone explaining why _blank sucks. It almost repeats what we already told you all, but as it's told differently, you might get the point.


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Rickard wrote:

Isn't every character in the french language covered by iso-8859-1? The only difference between 8859-1 and 8859-15 is that 15 contains the euro symbol.

Yes you are right. Well then, is there a motive to use entities ? If not, I think it would be better to write french in the code without entities.


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The Dausse one is a better french. the other one seems closer to a word-by-word translation.

But there is one more thing, why keeping those old é and any other entities when you can change the encoding from 8859-1 to 8859-15 or UTF-8 and write normally ? I don't know much about enconding, but I'm pretty sure it's deprecated to use entities.


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I'll check it for you as I'm not affiliated to any of the two wink I'll read the 2 tonight.


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lengfeng wrote:

PunBB is too simple!we need more!

Mod it then.


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Miraenda wrote:

Thanks btw for downplaying those who like separate content sites to open in a new Window as those with poor Windows skills by noting that only advanced Win32 users can appreciate links in the manner they are on this board.  Just b/c I am lazy doesn't mean I don't know what I am doing in Windows or Linux, IE or Firefox nor that others who likewise prefer the logical separation of separate content by having a new Window open aren't advanced users either.  Putting down 1 group to prove your point of what you prefer is not the way to convince others nor appropriate discourse for that matter.

I wasn't, english isn't my native and I certainly don't speak it well enough. I was just saying that the advanced user already knows that :
* For a normal link:
- left clicking a link opens it in the same window
- middle-clicking or shift-clicking opens it in a new window
* for a "_blank" link:
- left clicking a link opens it in a new window
- middle-clicking or shift-clicking opens it in a new window (same behaviour)

So yes, those "_blank" are a hassle to advanced users, they give them no choice where there is one with normal links. I'm not putting down common users because of that, it's a fact that "_blank" have ZERO advantage.


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dhdesign wrote:

The "target=_blank" attribute on a link causes accessibility issues for some users with disabilities.  When you do that, you break the "back" button on the browser, because there is nowhere to go back to - the page opened in a new window (or tab).  That can also cause confusion for novice web users as well.  However, even the most novice web user knows how to use the "back" button to get back to the forum. wink

If you really feel that you need this "target=_blank" attribute, then why don't you (on an individual basis) go into the code and figure out how to add it just for your forum?  Why make Rickard change his program?


I don't get this famous marketers argument which tell us they loose a visitor if a link doesn't open in a new window.
In my case, you loose me WHEN you open a new window, why ?  silmply because as soon as the new window appear, I automatically close the old window to keep only one, and because of that I have NO way to get back to the first site. With a normal link, I can use the back button or the history.


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Miraenda wrote:

Just my 2 cents.  Most users are like me and pretty lazy too, and it may well cost having them decide to use the forum or install it.

If PunBB followed the big crowd without thinking about its choices, it would stick to "_blank" links, true. But it's not, and it's little choices similar as this one which brings better things later, because not using "_blank" is really the way to go. The web isn't a Win32 program, and those "_blank" link might not be this annoying for a common windows user (they are for the Win32 advanced user), but it is for everyone else. For example, I'm using an iBook besides other web clients, and I rarely use the trackpad on, except when I click on a "_blank" link, very annoying... This is just an example, of course.

The main idead is that the web wasn't designed to be able to get out of the window we've put it in (meaning "_blank" links, but also popups are bad interface design for a website, sorry for all those pseudo-designers who think it's leet to put a 800x300 flash in a 800x300 popup as a website, it's simply wrong), I'm certainly explaining it bad, but you should find enough talk about the subject on the web to understand why it's bad.


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milo wrote:

Concernant la perte de données, ça m'intéresse aussi. Notemment au niveau des MP et des sondages : ce ne sont pas des fonctionnalités intégrées mais des mods (si j'ai bien compris), alors ça se passe comment pour la conversion ?

Tout ce qui concerne un éventuel mod estperdu bien sûr. Je n'ai même pas besoin de vérifier tellement c'est logique wink


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Ju wrote:

Et au niveau des tranferts IPB2 > punBB (1.2, j'espère très vite) , vous savez quelles sont les pertes ?

Les migrations possibles sont marquées dans le README de l'outil de migration cité plus haut, le mieux est d'aller checker par toi-même wink

Connorhd wrote:

why would the forums have an effect on the ranking of punbb.org?

Because there is a link to punbb.org named punbb at the bottom of each page big_smile

dot wrote:

I am not an expert on the why of this, but I am an expert on getting things to rank high in search engines. And I can state for an absolute fact that in order for this to rank well for a lot of terms, which it should if you want to get a lot of traffice, then there must be static URLs. That isn't really a debating point. It's a well known fact among search engine optimization experts. The question is how is the best and easiest way to achieve those static URLs.

No you aren't an expert. Google (and every other SE) handles plop/glop/yop the exact same way as plop?glop&yop. The idea about static urls being better was valid when altavista was No 1, back before 2000, because it didn't. But even alatvista indexes dynamic pages with arguments now.

I only see another attempt to add unneeded bloatware to PunBB, and btw, the best way to achieve static URLs is by giving directives to your web server (usually apache), this has nothing to do with PHP if your webserver isn't using the right module (mod_rewrite for example)


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Oui pour les mots de passe avec l'outil de migration dispo sur http://punbb.org/downloads.php

Par contre je ne pense pas pour les avatars vu qu'ils peuvent être en remote sur phpBB et pas su punBB.


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Why do you even bother ? punbb.org is cool, check http://www.gnustep.com/, nobody ever cared about it, only the one who bought it big_smile

You'll buy the .com then what next ? the .net then the .info then the .fr every other country ?
One domain is enough and it's even better to have only one, it prevent confusing people wink

And more, by buying it off the cybersquatters, you'll reward their practice, just ignore them...


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Meduza wrote:

When is 1.2 going to be released ? wink

Soon big_smile