Oh, heh. For some reason, I was looking for a global css file, but I guess that'd be pretty dumb.




Okay, so I want to put the same background as on the main page, onto the forums.

Right now, I have this one the stylesheet for the index page:

body {
    background:        url('./images/bg-image.jpg');
    background-repeat: repeat-x;
    background-color:  #FFFFFF;

Where do I add or replace this code for the forums? I looked through the .css files, but I realized that I have no idea what I'm looking for, and it's just so much cross-linking and... help?




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I haven't modded it at all, actually, just used some plugins.

I will update to 1.2.1 when I get the chance, then. Thanks!



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Really? It's that simple?


However, I don't see it. I'm running 1.2, is this a 1.2.1 feature?



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Okay, I want to do the same exact thing as on these forums, add a link to the left of Index. Except, where it says PunBB.org, I obviously want my own link. smile

Where do I do that? I looked through many many files, index.php, the include folder, other stuff - is there a central location to change this?

If not, does a step-by-step exist to change this?




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Wow, nice! Congratulations on being #1!

I'm sure everyone here has checked their own site as well, and let me be the first to say 'arg!' because of the way they score it. My site is kickass in every aspect, except for advertising... Well, it's a personal site! Of course I don't have much advertising for it! big_smile

However, this is an excellent resource, and I will be using it with as much frequency as the W3C HTML and CSS validator! Thanks!



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I have a puny board, the Iron Curtain boards have only 74 registered users, 166 topics, and 827 posts. It's a guild website for our guild in World of Warcraft. However, the other forums that I visit daily, the MacAddict forums, have 14,076 users, 49,734 topics, and  768,098 posts. They have recently migrated from phpBB2, and boy, are the forums snappier now.

I don't have Admin access to MacAddict, but my forum database is MySQL 4.0.18, Rows: 27326, Size: 1.35 MB.


I think we found a new winner.



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So... do you, maybe, want to release these styles to the world? They really are very nice, especially the Zoey style. smile


Okay, I downloaded 1.0.1 and it gives me an error on line 32, which is:

            $sql = 'CREATE TABLE '.$db->prefix.."smilies (

Is it really supposed to be $db->prefix and not $db_prefix?


I just upgraded to PunBB 1.2, and now I am very eager to see this updated to 1.2 as well.

I also got the "There is no valid language pack '' installed. Please check $language setting in config.php." error, and good thing I decided to check here before mucking about in the config.php file. smile

Can't wait to see it, I need a better way to post news than editing the .html file! wink



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I have. For username I put in root, for the password I put in the password that I use with 'sudo' when I ssh into the machine.

I think it's the fact that I'm logging in through the router (I'm connecting to the domain, and my server is the dmz) so the connection is seemingly coming form (the linksys router) instead of my machine.

I just tried ip.address.of.server/admin/phpMyAdmin, and it gives me the same error. :shrug:

There is a line in the config;

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['AllowDeny']['rules']           // Host authentication rules, leave blank for defaults
                                     = array();

I believe this is the line that defines who can log into the phpMyAdmin, no? However, I'm not sure as to how to enter the information, much less the information that needs to be entered. If I put anything between the parenthesis, it gives me a parse error.


I can upload the config.inc.php file (of course, minus the passwords and stuff) if anyone wants to look at it. smile

Thanks with all the help so far, by the way. I really appreciate it!



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Oh, and also:

I have tried to install it, and it won't lemme access the page.

The following is what it spits out upon going to http://timnetworks.com/admin/phpMyAdmin/

Welcome to phpMyAdmin 2.6.0-pl3

phpMyAdmin tried to connect to the MySQL server, and the server rejected the connection. You should check the host, username and password in config.inc.php and make sure that they correspond to the information given by the administrator of the MySQL server.

MySQL said: Documentation
#1045 - Access denied for user: 'root@' (Using password: NO)



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Right. OS X, in its root, it just a FreeBSD build on the Mach kernel.

Judging by your ava, snapsolutions, you should know your way around. tongue

I, however, don't. I can ssh in, and that's as far as I go. smile



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I have looked at those, but the boolean stuff to me is a different language. :shrug:

Half the time, I not only not know what to put in, but what they're ever asking me for. sad



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I'm running OS X 10.3 Server, and it's my home server, so I have root priveledges (as well as hardware priviledges smile).

I can do pretty much anything to the box, up to and including installing and reinstalling software and hardware, and downtime comes at my sole discretion.



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I've tried installing phpMyAdmin... it's hard as hell, to me...

It's like learning to drive in a country that has traffic signs in a different language with different icon schemes.

Care to teach me? wink



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Also, I've looked through the admin php page through PunBB, but I could not find the sql database being used. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?




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It gives me an error.

This is what I'm typing at the mysql> prompt:

mysql> mysqldump -u root -p my_password mysql > mysqlbackup.sql

The default mySQL database is called, in fact, mysql, right?



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hahah... indeed....

I'm headed home right now, and I'll try that backing up thingy there... smile



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Great, thanks.

Although I'm at the girlfriend's house right now, and can't test it, thanks for the help.

Also, I wasn't aware that PunBB 1.2 wasn't final - that's good to know, too. smile



p.s. how shortly is shortly?

Hello, all.

I've installed PunBB 1.1.5 onto my guild's site some time ago, and it's working fine. However, now I would like to upgrade to PunBB 1.2 so that I can have proper class management and private messanging, among other things.

I downloaded 1.2, and have the upgrade scripts, however, fear that something may go wrong, as usually, things do.

So, I would like to back up my mySQL database. The db is only like 500k altogether, but it'd be a shame to lose all those posts. smile

I have full access to the OS X box running the BB, command line and graphical. I looked around, googled my heart out, but could not find concrete intructions on how to back up mySQL.

This is all the default OS 10.3 Server stuff, and PunBB is installed into the default mySQL db (I know that's a bad idea, but I don't know how to admin mySQL.)

Thanks to all in advance!


I've just downloaded and isntalled 1.1.4, and it didn't go as planned at all. I followed the instructions to a T (even though the HTML instructions said it's for 1.1.3 :shrug:) but couldnt get it to work. Kept returning parse error on the lines that I edited / inserted.

Just thought I'd let you know.

I've commented out the offending lines, so for now it's installed but not active.


The Mod Discussions forum is closed, so I posted it here.

Is there a way to make different classes of users? Like, Member, Officer, Mod, Admin?

The reason I ask (and better yet, the reason I need it) is that I would love to have a way to limit just a couple forums to a hand-picked bunch, but not have to give them moderator privileges. Regular users will still be able to read and post to the public forums, but the hand-picked group will be able to post to the Officers forum. Only Mods and Admins will be able to post to yet another set of forums.

I hope everyone understands this. I went through all the pages and could not find a mod to fit my description. The closest it came was the lockdown mod, but that would not allow newly registered members to post, which defeats the purpose.

Thanks much!