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PunBBNot exactley a 'bug', but its quite annoying.

I posted a reply using the

tag, and the first line withen the quote is a URL. It wouldnt turn the URL into a link, because it was right next to the quote tag.
I tried editing it, and it just moves the URL right back to the top (after trying to add spaces and a new line).

In the end I just added '123' to the top, but it is annoying hmm

Testing again

Me three.

Edit: isn't converted automagically like it is here.

It shouldn't. To be sure you could do OPTIMIZE TABLE; before putting it to use.

You would have to update all the fields that point to that thread/forum/etc id too, so that would get quite tedious for the converter coder. Maybe you could do that manually per board basis. Like take your forum A and add, say 10000 (depending on post counts), to all the id fields there is and add, say 20000, to all the id fields in forum B and then try to import them all including C to one.

The gd lib is required if you want to, for example, use ttf fonts and rotate them etc. It is possible to make this captcha image without gd lib. I have to make this happen for my forum so why not publish it as a mod after I'm done, unless someone beats me to it.

E-mail thing doesn't really help. Database gets a new record, e-mail get's sent and so on creating dos effect without user ever responding to the e-mail. Been there, deleted accounts.


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Too bad in PHP OOP is a performance issue. Compiler caches like php-accelerate help, but not many virtual hosting companies have them on.


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Nothing. That's why I don't think pms and polls are needed in the base system as the mods are working great.

I think the permissions can be checked from multiple groups and still let the mysql engine do all the work. It's a KISS method, but I won't litter this thread with the specifics though.


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PunBB is a forum software so in my opinion anything that is not a part of a forum or a bulletin board system shouldn't be included in the base package. Concurring the previous points and adding one that is not yet mentioned here.

Personal messages: As said before the e-mail field is there for purpose. I agree that some people think that pm's are a must, so a mod is in place for those who feel they need it. It's not a part of core functionality of a bulletin board system. Take a look at the following quote from a dictionary (emphasis is mine):

bulletin board
2. Computer Science. A system that enables users to send or read electronic messages, files, and other data that are of general interest and addressed to no particular person.

I have used punbb earlier with the pm mod that is availlable at punres. For my forums I need some pm system too and it might just be the mod (after it's updated naturally) which I will install myself if I need to. I'm not against pm's in general, but as a part of a lightweight forum system.

Polls: My personal view is that they are not needed at all. At least not in base package. You can do polls without fancy tick boxes just by posting a regular thread asking for peoples opinion. The after effect is that people who vote have to think about what they are doing and usually these polls lead to something better than pre-set, click-through poll values. As a mod for who might need it, but not as a part of the base package.

User permissions: The group based authentication introduced in 1.2 makes maintaining what users can see a lot easier. I see it as a way to create different bulletin boards for different people. However, to make things even easier (or more complex some might think) adding the possibility to be in more than one group at once would be a nice addition making the forum more robust. User authentication is clearly a part of bulletin board functionality even if it violates the quote above. You can use magic ink on public boards too.


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Just another example of them (MS) buying another company (Giant) to get another title to sell.

I think you mean the darker area in planet with partial transparency. It is actually made with two images: and with the following css':

body {
background: #000 url( no-repeat top left;
background-attachment: fixed;
/* and for all the 'on-top' elements (depending on situation) either */
background: #000 url( no-repeat top left;
background-attachment: fixed;
/* or */
background-color: transparent;

Works in IE too.


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Hope this helps. This one copies a file to another char by char (Stroustrup, the c++ programming language 3rd ed. p 637). Just read the file to a buffer or a std::string instead.

// Note that I removed any error checking!

#include <fstream>

int main (int argc, char* argv[]) 
// check if anough arguments (=3)

std::ifstream from(argv[1]);
// check if file was opened (if(!from))

std::ofstream to(argv[2]);
// check if file was opened

char ch;

while (from.get(ch)) to.put(ch); //copy chars

// if(!from.eof() || !to) -- something strange happened here

return 1;

While you're at it I suggest you buy the book (late third edition ~20th printing or the special extreme edition).

... a background image. Few minutes of hacking the Mercury theme css and the purpose of being the less graphic bbs is spoiled. Oh well...

Sorry for a bad screenshot. You are welcome to a live board after converters are updated.

Typo in url


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Is this Firefox bug about div.postright extending to the poster information panel (div.postleft) masking the area there?

Seems to me that since yesterday the postright masking feature was inverted. What was masked before is now visible and vice versa. Have to check out my css though.


Nevermind. It was my markup. The .postright transition was made with border and not margin.


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ATTN??? Get off his zone!


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Firefox since it was phoenix at 0.2 and many nightlies between versions.


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Let me rephrase then.

Take a pic of a keyboard and print it on screen (not with printer dummy, digital picture or a drawing and code your application to show it on your screen). Make a list of coordinates (corners of the keys which make a square perhaps) which shows which key is where on the screen and when user touches the screen match the coordinates to the list ... voila.

If you need the ascii codes Google is your friend.


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Assume you have a keyboard printed on screen. When user touches the screen you match that location to the on screen keyboard and finally add the letter etc. to the textbox value. C sharp documentation helps you on the last part.

You can bookmark the post in your browser. The link is on the post date (which for this post says something like "Today hh:mm:ss".


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Besides with the current (or soon upcoming) policy you can ask for a domain transfer from icann and if the current owner doesn't respond in a week it's yours, for free. Spam away!


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Funny that there's no versioning support ... that is the easiest thing to do if you have database backend.


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I once tried to find a cms suitable for me and I ended up coding one myself and it took less than a day. It did most of the stuff you need except diffs, php code in page and site based permissions. And it had no admin interface ... had to do anything with phpmyadmin lol. The only problem so far is that I have to support it now.

On Mambo's case I think you can get around the multi level menu thing by creating for example css menus. And if it can do php you could create a template code to use when creating menus.

Anyway. Stay as far away from Wikis as humanly possible. They can't be converted to what you need. And before you do anything else take a look at the PunBB 1.2 wink.


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Customer: Five stars.

Same happened to me but this time it was a cell phone. And what is the best part it was my colleague in the support crew lol.


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It's in the vBulletin code to which I don't have access so I really can't help you.

Try Google:
or try again the vbulletin support forums. I found the answers there too, but I can't see the code because I don't own a license.


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I'm guessing you don't have PHP installed.

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