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Doh, my bad. I confused myself.  At first glance it looked like a one-to-many relationship.  And your right, one-to-many does not typically need a "look-up" table.  I just got done doing a setup where I thought the structure would be one-to-many, but after finding I could not get things sorted correctly, I added a look-up table...  which made it a many-to-many relationship.

shinko_metsuo wrote:

there should be a default image supplyed with it for those who are graphicaly challanged (and lazy)

big_smile  Which one takes precidence?  graphically challenged or lazy?  j/j.

BTW Love the Michael Savage Quote.


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Classic On-To-Many relationship.  Your concept is right on.  A lookup table is a good way to set up one-to-many relationships.


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4.3.x or 5.x ?  I thought PHP 5 made huge strides in this area?


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They both look like you need to pay for them.  Not that I have a problem with that, but I'd like to test drive something like this before I would be willing to shell out any cash.


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Never heard of it, but by my first look, it appears to be similar to PEAR.  I am going to check it out tonight on my dev server.  Its all OOP based.  Some schools say it taxes the server more than procedural code.  Other say OOP when implemented correctly will be faster than procedural code.  If it makes developing quicker and more simple. I am all for it.  OOP can be much easier to maintain once you get used to how it works.  I'd be curious to see comparisons between a forum app designed with OOP vs. Procedural.


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lol.  I think it was the guy in the super hero outfit.  Subtitled "Opera 7 GUI designer hits the road"


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omg 5.....


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Thanks for the feedback.  I have dabbled with Linux and FreeBSD in the past, but I would say I am 2 steps ahead of newb.  I want to setup a test server at home that closely matches what my host uses.  I am looking for something easy to setup and maintain with Apache, MySQL, & PHP on it.  Currently at home, I have a win2k server setup with Apache, MySQL, and PHP installed on, which is not all that common out there.

I think I will give Ubuntu a try....

thanks again

Ign1111 wrote:

How install SpinkBB at my computer, for not connect with internet. Where download php-source?

I don't think it was ever intented to be something you can download. Its a tool/applet to create the CSS markup which you can copy and paste to make your own styles.

Dr.Jeckyl wrote:

suggestion: admin plugin with the ability to save the created styles to the correct directories.

I have no clue..  I guess this would be up to the author, or someone who is ambitious enough to create one on their own.  I wish I had the skillz wink  It really is a nice tool for creating monochromatic themes.  I am using it as a staring point for creating a theme/style for my site.  My first discovery is that it generalizes colors, and depending on how much style you want to add, you may still need to "roll your own".

I was thinking of reporting here my trials and tribulations while using this handy tool to style/color scheme my site.  From what I hacve played with so for, If I were going to add any functionality to it, it would be to set color scheme based on the color wheel.  Like certian basic color harmonies.  Complements, Split-complements, Triads, etc...  Its not hard to determines these when you pick a base color, or Dominant color.  If you like the minimalistic "pixelated" look, it sure does some nice grey-scale variations.  All in All, its one bookmark added to my toolchest wink

Previously known as Lindows...

Thoughts? I am thinking of setting a box up with it.  I don't want to waste my time if its no-diff than any other *nux.

Cookies enabled/allowed on the client side?  Does this happen to all or some of your users? punbb uses cookies to "hold" some of the user information.

Any time you allow a user to have direct input into the content of a website (i.e form based submissions), security will be an issue.  The reason there has been so much talk about community forums is that there are some common functions used by forums programmed in PHP that are susceptible to a recently discovered "flaw".  Patches are not necessarily a bad thing.  It good to know that the developers are on top of things and have the fix(es) available in a relatively short period of time.

Also,  I would dare say that the majority of forum software used today is based on PHP & mySQL/sqLite/PostgeSQL.  All are free and have a large community supporting them.

I was working on a custom style today and noticed this on lines 136 - 138 & lines 141 - 143 of header.php

// START SUBST - <pun_page>
$tpl_main = str_replace('<pun_page>', basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], '.php'), $tpl_main);
// END SUBST - <pun_title>

// START SUBST - <pun_title>
$tpl_main = str_replace('<pun_title>', '<h1><span>'.pun_htmlspecialchars($pun_config['o_board_title']).'</span></h1>', $tpl_main);
// END SUBST - <pun_title>

Should the second comment listed be //END SUBST - <pun_page>, instead of //END SUBST - <pun_title> ??

I know this is not a bug.  I just wanted to be sure if this was correct or not.


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erissiva wrote:
Bwongar.com wrote:

Zaher - It's gotta be a dual-display

wink It is...

After using one, I've realized it's the only way to go.

Screenshot of my duel-screen using UltraMon: ...

Thanks for the UltraMon hookup!  I had been using ATI's catalyst Control Center, and it didn't give me 1/2 the options as UltraMon does.



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Let me ask one question. As a developer, how do you determine whats best, and how do you check your code for vulnerabilities? I am relatively new to PHP. I can usually read it better than I can develop with it.  I have learned from books, tutorials, and other on-line resources.  The one thing that I have learned, is that it seems like there is no one source that says, "this is how you should do it."  Like there is some big secret society that wont leak out information. lol 

I just want to learn how to make an authetication system, thats secure, with using PHP/MySQL. And will run on different webservers. Is that to much to ask? (sarcasim).  Every book that I have read, or tutorial/artcile I have read, seems to tip-toe around the subject.


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zaher wrote:

buzzkill: is your monitor so wide?

Yeah, dual 19" LCD's  one Dell, and one Samsung.  Duals look much nicer when you have two of the same brand and model, otherwise you have problems getting the color settings to match for each.  For instance, the Dell is much brighter/cooler, and faster than my Samsung.  Even when I adjust the Samsung through the API, or via the buttons on the front of it, I can't get the colors to match exact.  At work, I am fortunate to have 2 dells, and the look awesome.  Its great to have when you use programs that have undockable menus/toolbars.  At work I use autocad and it increases my productivity tremendously.


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Smartys wrote:
Orpheus wrote:

Well Connorhd your right  you can't even trust you're own family. smile But still would be nice if punBB 1.3 would ask your old password to if your an admin.

Admins changing the password of others don't know the original pass wink

I think he is refering to when an admin changes his/her password in the admin.  It does not ask for current password .

Rickard wrote:

It does. Not for administrators though.


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Here is my new desktop.    Somewhat tiddy wink

Not only is it a big thing when a pope dies, its also the fact that he was considered one of the greatest popes in recent times.  He reached across many social and religious boundaries.  For crying out load he forgave the man who tried to kill him in person.  I am not as religious as I was forced to be as a youth.  But I do believe in the good things that humankind is capable of.  Pope John Paul II did many great things for humankind.


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yes i do.  one Dell 19" and one Samsung 19"  Not the best setup though.  To get the best results you need two identical monitors. The dell has better specs. than the Samsung.  I'll take what I can get wink.


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here is my current desktop

All I can say is Whoa thats nice!


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TY wink


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Connorhd wrote:

afaik it won't go into quirks mode unless you remove the doctype, it doesn't actually validate the css/html does it?

Help me out here.  afaik?  Sorry to be such a p.i.t.a.  Just trying to learn.